Do all energetic cords require cutting?

An energetic cord is an energy link between you and another person.

The cutting of an energetic cord is an intentional attempt to cease the energy being shared through the link.

But, not all cords require cutting, or even need to be cut – unless that’s what you want.

Through an energy cord that connects one person’s energetic being to another person’s energetic being, energy can be shared and transferred from one person to the other.

The type of energy that’s shared and transferred, depends entirely on the nature of the cord and why it’s there in the first place.

And because we as individuals are made up of different types of energy, high and low, happy and sad, and everything in between, the type of energy in and flowing through the cord can change vastly.

As humans on this earth, we are comprised of a physical body, a spiritual body, and an energetic body. Our energetic body consists of our energetic field surrounding our body, (our aura) and centers of concentrated energy within and throughout our body (chakras). The type of energy that exists in our energetic body at any one time is governed by the shifts and changes in our physical and our spiritual body.

Our physical body consists of all elements physical, including solid matter that we can see and touch – our hair, our skin, our bones, our blood.

Our spiritual body consists of all elements of who we are that are generally not physical and can’t be seen – thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences past, present, and future.

Our energetic body is comprised of a summation of the energetic components that make up the elements of physical and spiritual bodies.

And because we can have happy thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences just as much as we can have sad thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences – our energetic body is comprised of energy from both.

An energetic cord arises from the energy of the spiritual body only. Thoughts, feelings, and experiences, components of our spiritual body, when they involve another person, or are sent towards another person, even unintentionally, can create a cord. An energy bridge that connects you to the other person.

Happy thoughts can create a cord and sad thoughts can create a cord.

Cords of bonding, love, and compassion can exist between loved ones, siblings, family, friends, child-parent relationships, and more.

Cords of support, upliftment, and happiness can also exist.

But so can cords of anger, resentment, and judgement.

All of these emotions exist and can involve another person, and as such, energetic cords can arise from them.

Emotions, thoughts, and feelings, of all kinds, have an energetic existence, and when they are sent out into the universe as energy, when you are thinking of another person, for example, they can “stick” to the other person and create a cord.

And at any given time, you can be thinking happy, loving thoughts about this other person, or you can be thinking angry, irritated thoughts about this other person. In both cases, the energy from those thoughts has the potential of sticking onto the other person’s energy field – and boom, cord created.

The same is true of cords coming in your direction. In fact, because we don’t live in a vacuum void of interaction, having cords of both types, happy and sad, we’ll call them, is fairly common.

Do both types need to be cut?

If you’re a parent, you almost assuredly have a cord of love and bonding to your child. Is this one you’d want to remove? Likely, no.

If you’ve ever been in a romantic partnership, there likely existed a cord between both parties that was supportive, loving, and affectionate. Probably not one that you’d want to cut while in the relationship.

But after a breakup, that same cord can be used to send anger and resentment, or a new one can be formed – this is one you’d likely want to cut.

The premise behind deciding which cords are in need of cutting mostly has to do with the type of energy in the cord.

Generally, cords in which the energy is “no longer serving in your highest and greatest good” are the ones that need to go. And that’s a judgement call for only your Spirit to make (your Guides can assist you in deciding, if you ask them).

And how is it decided what’s in your highest and greatest good when it comes to cords?

Back to the energy. It has to do with high and low energy content. Briefly, lower emotions, thoughts, and feelings, include things like anger, sadness, irritation, worry, resentment, and jealousy. Higher emotions, thoughts, and feelings, include things like happiness, joy, love, elation, compassion, and gratitude. (Check out this post for more information on that).

As individuals all on the divine path towards higher vibrational energy, we strive to keep our energy high and intend to involve ourselves in activities that are higher in vibration. So, cords that deviate away from high energy, can drag us away from that goal and bring our own energy down and into lower vibrational states.

If the cord is transferring energy that is higher in vibration, the cord is probably still serving in your highest and greatest good, and is worthy of staying.

If the cord is transferring energy that is lower in vibration, it’s best to err on the side of not serving in your highest and greatest good, and in need of cutting.

However, the decision is always yours. Removing an energetic cord can often be felt by both parties, and changes in the physical and spiritual relationship can result and arise with changes in the energetic relationship.

Not all cords require cutting. In fact, many don’t. It’s important to examine the nature of the cord, the relationship between the two individuals, both current and desired, and your own feelings about removal, before proceeding.  Please note that cords are more than just the link they create. There are tethers at either end that have the potential to affect your energy field long after the cord is cut, if not addressed. Check out this post for more information.

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With Love,