Does everyone choose their life?

The current life we live is one of many.

Many tens of hundreds we have already lived and have yet to live.

We’re here to follow our soul’s purpose and to grow as a soul. We may never know what our purpose is when we are alive, but our soul does.

We are individuals of the Universe, originating from and of Divine Light, of Universal Source, and of pure love.

Sure, it sounds cheesy.

But it’s true.

All souls start their journey in the same place.

You can think of individuals souls like tiny, little seeds.

The seeds are planted in complete darkness, under the soil, intermingling with the dirt.

Then, as the seed grows, it moves up from the dirt, out of darkness, into full sun, and eventually, into a full, blooming, beautiful plant. Growing and growing until it reaches maturity.

Our souls start in a similar kind of darkness that some call fear, some call pain, and some just call darkness.

And our goal as souls is to grow – up out of darkness, away from the fear, and free ourselves from pain.

When we move in this direction, we’re moving towards the light, towards love, and towards complete healing.

This is the soul’s journey. It’s the seed’s journey. It’s something that we all do.

And during this life, you are somewhere along that journey. Somewhere in your progress of growth.

Perhaps you’re just above the soil, this life is the first life to be freed from darkness. Perhaps you’ve been living in full sun and blooming flowers for many lives already.

In either case, you’re growing.

And this life is just one stage of the growing process. We have more than one life.

Does everyone choose their life?

Soul growth happens through experiences. 

In between lives, we assess our growth. See what progress our soul has made in its growth, and where we still need to go. Before us, we see a whole game plan of where we’ve been and where we still need to go.

We get to see exactly where we are in our path of growth from darkness to light.

And with this knowledge, we get to decide, going forward, what steps to make to reach optimal growth in the next life. To reach optimal light. To overcome the most hurdles and lessons to make it to our place of healing and love.

We make this decision with our Spiritual Team of supporters, aides, and guides. These are our Spirit Guides, our Angels, our Ancestors, our consulting Ascended Masters, and our Deceased Loved Ones.

Together as a team, each Spirit, including you, gets to decide what’s the best way to live the next life.

It’s planned with a purpose.

It doesn’t include only happiness and sunshine. It can’t.

It includes a myriad of experiences, some challenging, some happy, and some reflective.

Some lives we plan to be more difficult than others. Some lives we plan for the purposes of helping those around us grow.

In the case of autism and cerebral palsy, for example, it is believed by many cultures worldwide that individuals who have entered this life with autism and cerebral palsy are often highly Ascended Masters or highly progressed along their path towards light. The reason for choosing a life like this is less so for their own growth, and more so to raise the consciousness, love, and growth of those around them.

If your life is filled with more challenges, more struggles, and more strife than those around you, consider that this particular life was planned with the purpose to quickly accelerate your soul’s growth and move through difficult soul lessons. Perhaps these are the last, procrastinated difficult lessons that your soul has put off learning before you get to the final stages of your path to complete healing and light.

All lives are chosen. Down to the physical body that we choose to live them in.

We don’t always know why, living on Earth now, this life has been chosen, but there is a purpose. There is a reason why you’re on this part in your journey now.

Our soul knows. Our Spiritual Supporters know. And we will know again, when it’s time to choose the next life.

Until then, enjoy the journey, and take some time to reflect on why you might be experiencing life as you are now.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: March 30, 2015