Does illness persist after death?

When we leave our physical body and make the grand transition to Spirit, what happens to any illness we may have carried into death?

If your loved one was suffering from Alzheimer’s, do they still have it upon death?

If cancer caused the physical death of your loved one, are they freed from it when their Spirit crosses over?

If your loved one died of no illness, but lived their life with a cognitive impairment, do they have full mental capacity once they transition to Spirit?

Are we freed from our physical suffering, ailments, and impediments upon our death, or does our Spirit somehow hang on to these parts of who we are?

The truth is – that these elements of our lives are tied to our physical body and our physical experience of life on this earth.

As soon as we lose our physical body, we lose all traces of impairment, sickness, and illness.

It’s erased.

Full health and full cognitive ability returns when an individual’s Spirit crosses into the Light.

When we transition into Spirit, what happens to any illness or impairment that we may have had during life? Does it stick with us? Find out what happens during this often overlooked part of the spiritual transition. 

Even in the event that their Spirit does not immediately cross, for whatever reason, and an individual remains Earthbound for a time, in most cases – any trace of unwell is also erased. There are, however, certain circumstances in which a non-crossed over Spirit chooses to remain unwell, but this is less common.

All crossed over Spirits and most Spirits who do not cross over are given full health and wellness as soon as their Spirit leaves their physical body.

The Light, otherwise known as Heaven, is a place of health and happiness. No impairment. No sickness. No disease.

But, as you may know, most Spirits don’t stay there forever.

For most, there comes a time when an individual Spirit is ready to move on and step into their next life to learn the next set of lessons.

This is called reincarnation.

When an individual is ready and prepares to enter their next life, they get to choose the next life that they live and all details of the upcoming life. The life that is designed and planned is based on lessons that need to be learned and hurdles that need to be overcome.

Overcoming illness and what may have caused a prior illness is a possible lesson.

So, while your loved one is free of illness in the Spirit World – that doesn’t necessarily mean the problem or illness is healed forever. It may be, but it also may be a soul lesson that is yet to be learned.

In future lives, an individual in Spirit can decide to experience an illness or impairment again, for the purpose of overcoming it and healing from it, once and for all.

This is their choice and a choice we all must make when we, as Spirit versions of ourselves, are planning for upcoming lives. As individuals in Spirit, we ask, “what lessons do I need to learn and how would they best be learned?”

Sometimes it’s illness. Sometimes it’s overcoming illness.

But for now, in the land of Spirit, as soon as someone passes on and moves into Spirit – all suffering is erased.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: May 11, 2015