How to Cope with a Fear of Bad Things Happening to Family Members

This morning, I went on a walk through my neighborhood to clear my head.

About halfway through the walk, my mind became consumed with this worry that my husband and two kids were going to get into a car crash.

Suddenly, it became all I could think about.

I stopped dead in my tracks, and asked myself, “where is this coming from?”

Then, in my mind’s eye, I saw a panicking deceased woman standing beside me.

I asked her why she was putting this worry and image into my head, and she went on to explain that that’s what happened to her. She explained that she blamed herself for being away, and she wanted to warn every woman on that trail to not be away from their families, or else.

Le sigh.

Who knows how long she’d being doing this; I didn’t ask.

But I did talk to her, listen to her story, and then, after hearing her out and calming her down, I asked her if she was ready to release it and cross over.

She was – and she did.


My experience is common. It’s happened to me before, to family members, and to pretty much everyone who has ever existed.

Sure, it *could* be a premonition, but most times, it’s actually not.

If you’ve ever suddenly been consumed by the excessive fear or worry that something terrible is going to happen to you or those you love, pause, and realize, the power of the energy of thought.

Things rarely just pop into our heads from out of nowhere.

When you worry about something, it’s likely that that worry exists in the universe and you’ve come across it.

If that something is terrible and involves death, it’s usually because that exact thing has happened to someone who has died . . . and you’ve crossed their path.

Imagine that this something terrible happening is being replayed over and over and over in the mind of a deceased person who happens to be standing right near you. That thought is energy, and if you cross it, it can start to play out in your own mind.

It’s like walking through a cloud of BBQ smoke, and when you do, you smell BBQ because you’re in the cloud.

Same thing, basically.

When you walk into a thought cloud, it can enter your mind and you “smell” it (feel it), too.

Sometimes, this thought-energy transference is unintentional, but other times, it’s extremely intentional.

To get your attention, said dead person can and will show you what happened to them in images of your own family. Sometimes, as a warning, sometimes, because no one has been listening to their panic for 30 years and they’re desperate.

Their hope is that SOMEONE will pause, and ask, “wait, why am I thinking this crazy thought?,” and talk to them for once.

To get this worry to stop replaying in your mind, all you gotta do is talk to them. Even if you can’t see them, talk to them as if you could.

  • Let them know you hear them.
  • Let them know that it’s not their fault and that replaying this thought is a painful cycle that can be healed if they wish to release it now and cross over.
  • Let them know that they’ll have the opportunity for resolution and freedom from this horrifying replaying of events on the other side. (Avoid making promises that their loved ones will be on the other side, in case you can see them there, because they may not be.) You can however, promise freedom from pain.
  • Continue to talk and soothe until you feel the thought dissipating.
  • Then, imagine that in front of you and them, opens a great, bright white portal.
  • Gesture to it, and ask them if they’re ready to heal it and have freedom.

In 99% of cases, they’ll sadly agree that they are and will walk towards the light and into it. Then, imagine the light closing up. Once that happens, your job is done.

If that doesn’t happen, you don’t have to force it, but DO let them know that they can’t use your head to replay the images anymore and you won’t accept it. And walk away.


Use this strategy whenever the obsessive worry and fear of bad things enters your head, in most cases, you’ll find that the fears immediately disappear afterwards.



LAST UPDATED: April 20, 2016