How Do Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) Get Their Energy?

Ghosts are a particular type of Spirit.

They’re deceased people who have not crossed over and are thus, still existing on and bound to the Earth.

Ghosts are also known as Earthbound Spirits.

They live where we live, they just don’t have physical bodies anymore.

The lack of physical bodies poses a problem. If they are to move, exist, and carry out whatever activity they stayed on Earth to carry out – they need energy.

They are no longer getting energy from food or water since they can no longer metabolize these substances.

And because they are not crossed over, they cannot access the energy that is located within the Light, otherwise known as Heaven or Source.

Earthbound Spirits stay on earth and do not cross over for any number of reasons, many of which, have to do with a desire to continue to carry out some kind of activity while here.

Perhaps they want to oversee the handlings of an estate, haunt a perpetrator of a crime, or make sure their dog goes to a nice home. There are things that need to be done and no energy source to make that happen.

Shortly after becoming a ghost, an earthbound spirit, they need to figure out a new way to get energy. A method of energy gathering that doesn’t involve food, water, or energy from the Light if they’re to continue to exist as planned.

There are largely two ways that earthbound spirits obtain energy:

    Residual Energy

    Living People

The first method requires more skill. Getting energy directly from a living person is much easier and requires less skill, but it’s far more harmful to the living.

Earthbound Spirits need to get energy somehow. To continue to move around and carry out their activities, they need some source of energy to exist. Find out how they do it. 

How Earthbound Spirits Get Their Energy

1. Residual Energy

Residual energy is energy that is left over, and is free to be gathered from the environment. You can think of it as dust settling after an argument. The settling dust is the residual energy that anyone can come along and scoop up for their own use.

Residual energy comes from just about anything that has, generates, and stores energy. It is energy that is left behind, lingering in the environment.

Electronics, appliances, sunny windows, and places where people frequent are the biggies.

People leave behind the most residual energy, simply by moving, having interactions, getting in arguments, and experiencing high levels of emotion (rush hour, anyone?). Even after all the people leave the area, the room, or the location, the energy from the movement and emotion remains and is available to be used and gathered by those in Spirit seeking energy.

Generally, the more energy available in a given location, the more earthbound spirits will be there waiting to collect energy. This is why it’s common for earthbounds to frequent busy, human dense places like shopping malls, hospitals, and downtown areas – lots of energy freely available.

Collecting this energetic dust is a skill, and figuring out how to use it is even more complex. It takes time and someone to teach you how. For the recently deceased earthbound spirit, this option is less frequently used because of the skill involved.

2. Living People

By far, the easiest and most accessible source of energy available to earthbound spirits is energy that exists in people that are still living.

That’s right. Earthbound spirits can connect themselves to the living and directly tap into the energy being generated, produced, and released by someone who is still alive.

An earthbound spirit who does this is called an attachment spirit or a possessing spirit. (Read more about them here).

Usually, an earthbound spirit has no idea the harm this can cause to the living person – from behavioral changes to illness.

At least in the beginning, existence as an earthbound spirit is “survival” based. They need to find an energy source to keep existing, even as a dead person. Because they were once living and know all the ins and outs of being a living person, often times, the instinct is to immediately re-attach the idea that they can still act like a living person.

All they need to do is to find an unsuspecting living person and tap into their energy. The living person chosen can be someone that was once close to them, or a complete stranger, and the attachment usually looks like a small cord or an energy funnel between the living and the deceased person.

Unfortunately, most living people are unsuspecting and not aware of their own energy fields, and most deceased earthbounds have no idea the damage this practice can cause. This unawareness on both sides of the coin makes this method of energy collection very common and very popular among the recently deceased.

Earthbound spirits, or ghosts, need to figure out a way to get and use energy once they die if they wish to move around and carry out their activities.

Getting energy directly from the living is a more common method among those who are more recently deceased, because this type of energy is more familiar to them and the practice is easier to do.

As a spirit’s time as an earthbound progresses, they can learn the skills needed to gain energy that exists residually in the environment. Once learned, this method is preferable. It allows more range of motion (not being tied to a single person), and energy is more widely and freely available.

The more recently deceased, the more likely that they are to attach to living person for energy. When it’s been longer since death, it’s more likely that the spirit uses residual sources for energy.

Attachment spirits are incredibly common and are estimated to effect 3/4 of the US population at any given time. You can remove them, find out how here.

LAST UPDATED: July 1, 2015