Energy Retrieval: How to Call Your Energy Back

In your day to day interactions, you are continually exchanging energy with other people, places, and situations. Your energy field is ALWAYS interacting with the energy fields of others.

Everything that is made of energy (which is everything that exists), also has an energetic field, an aura, including you.

All day, parts of your aura (energy field) are being sent out in the form of words, or thoughts, for example, to connect with other individuals. As someone speaks to you, their energy is being sent in your direction. And when you speak to someone else, YOUR energy is being sent in their direction.

If you are exerting a lot of energy – physical, emotional, or mental energy, in a conversation, in a meeting, in a project, in a task, you are sending quite a bit of your energy out into this interaction.

When the interaction, situation, or chance meeting is over, your energy doesn’t automatically come back to you.

In fact, it could still be all tied to someone or somewhere else.

This could make you tired, exhausted, and it can even cause you to continue to think about troubling interactions, encounters, and daytime responsibilities when you really just want to disconnect.

Even the mostly Divinely aligned humans run out of energy from time to time, it’s just not sustainable to be continually generating energy and putting it out into this world, saving very little for your own existence.

Calling Back Your Energy

When you don’t call your energy back to you, what happens then is that your energy is out and about, existing everywhere else but in your physical and auric body.

In order for you to feel energized again and to clear your mind and thoughts, and really, to exist as your full and present self, you have to call your energy back to you.

The process of calling your energy back is known as Energy Retrieval. It’s easy to do and learn, and once you get it down, the whole exercise can take you as little as 5 minutes to complete.

The essential practice of energy retrieval - learn to call your energy back in as little as 5 steps. 

Energy Retrieval Ritual: How to Call Your Energy Back

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.

2. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

3. Identify locations of your energy.

Recall your day and week, paying specific attention to all areas and people to which and to whom you have given a lot of your energy. As you sit, allow these locations of your energy to come to mind.

Do you think that your energy is existing with your kids, who have been really asking a lot of you today? Believe it – if this is an area where you have expended your energy, you can call it back to you.

What about your partner? Did you have an argument or disagreement earlier, and you are imagining that perhaps this, is a place where your energy might be?  It is.

You boss at work has placed some pretty high expectations on you, and you’ve been giving a lot of yourself to your job. Do you imagine that you your energy has been left behind at the office, or in an interaction with your boss? Trust this as fact – your energy is there.

Have you been thinking about the interaction you had with someone in the parking lot at the grocery store? Perhaps they were rude and pulled out in front of you, cutting you off, while you were standing in the cold with your family, waiting to get inside? This is was really upsetting to you, and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it.

It’s time to call your energy back.

4. Visualize your energy returning to you.

Each thought that comes to your mind, or image that you see, trust that this is a location of your energy, and ask it, out loud or in your mind, to return to your body. Imagine all of your energy returning to you from places past, present and future. Years in the past and years in the future alike, when we think about these moments, we unconsciously send our energy to this time.

Visualize your energy as a golden stream of light, flowing back into your body. Choose your center point, and imagine it returning to that place. Imagine your energy flowing in through your mouth, swallowing and resting within your stomach, your physical center. As your energy continues to flow in, imagine a glowing ball of light growing within you. As the ball of light gets larger and larger, eventually extending into your aura, filling your aura beyond your physical body, less and less of your energy returns out in time and space.

5. Continue until your energy is returned and the stream of light, external to you, has faded.

By performing this exercise, on a daily basis, even on days where you are really tired, you will feel a restored sense of vitality and alertness, ready to give of yourself again.  

With Love,

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LAST UPDATED: October 13, 2015