What is ER? Young Living's Essential Rewards Program

What is ER? Young Living’s Essential Rewards Explained

If you’re anything like me, you signed up for Young Living excited about getting your kit, and then got really confused once you logged into your account and couldn’t figure out why it kept pushing you to sign up for Essential Rewards (ER).

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s amazing auto-ship program (don’t let those words freak you out) that earns you points back on each order you place.

When you log into your Young Living Account, there are two ways to place an order: 

  • Essential Rewards

  • Quick Order

Quick Order is your regular old ordering option. You add things to your “Quick Order” cart, pay regular shipping, check out and you’re done.

Essential Rewards (ER) is the other way to order. The only catch with ER is that you can only place one ER order a month and that order has to be a minimum of 50PV (Generally, 1PV = $1, so about a $50 order)).

This what you need to know about ER:

  • It’s free to sign up and you cancel at any time 
  • You can change your ship date and order every single month – no being locked into things you don’t want or need
  • With each ER order, you earn a % back in ER points that you can use for free products
    • For months 1-3 that you are enrolled, you earn 10% back
    • For months 4-24 that you are enrolled, you earn 20% back
    • For months 25+ that you are enrolled, you earn 25% back
  • You receive gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of continuous ER enrollment
  • You receive discounted shipping
  • To stay enrolled, you only need to place a 50 PV (~$50 order) per month
  • You can save up your points for bigger items, but be sure to use them before they expire (12 months from when they were earned) or you cancel ER

    For full details on the program, go here.

Feeling worried about being locked into an extra $50 a month?

I understand that. But, think about it another way. When you begin to replace your household items, skincare, and health supplements with YL products, it’s not an extra $50. It’s a swap for the things you’re already using. And, you can skip a month if money’s tight that month.

In our house, I change my ER orders about 100 times a month. I change the ship date and I change every single item in my ER cart right up until it processes. I try new things, replenish our favorites, and stock up on household items like toothpaste, hand soap, and laundry detergent. Doing that, I far exceed 50PV and we consider it part of our overall household wellness budget, toiletries budget, and home supplies budget.

In less than 3 full months with YL, I’ve already redeemed ER points, that I received from ordering what I was already going to order, for several new essential oils and supplements.

To sign up for ER, click on the Essential Rewards tab in your Virtual Office. Select your date, your products, and go! Don’t forget to change your items for next month!

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