A Children's Song for Spiritual and Psychic Protection

Is your child afraid of Spirits? Try this empowering song tonight. 

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

In a previous post, we talked about the importance of setting boundaries and teaching our kids to stand up for themselves against the bullies and bothersome Spirits of the non-physical world. 

This can be done through teaching your children to use firm language to enforce who is and who is not allowed in their space, through list making, and through intention setting. 

It can also be done through song. 

Using easy to learn melodies and lyrics, you can teach your kids to sing a song of spiritual protection and boundary setting. 

It's fun for them and fun for you - it can be a family activity, is easily integrated into daily routine AND it raises the energy in the space, further pushing out those unwanted visitors. 

You can write your own song, adapt a favorite song to fit your situation, or you can use ours! A short, lyrical adaptation to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," written by yours truly. 

Without further ado, the song ~ 

Psychic and  Spiritual Protection Song for Kids - keep the bad spirits away in a fun way with this sweet song

Spiritual Protection Song

I want the bats out, and their dark evil stares.

I want their cousins out and out of my air.

I want them out, out out out, I want them out!

I want your angels, and spirits of the light.

I want your love in, as long as its mine.

I want the light, light light light, I want the light!

-Sarah’s Bad Spirit Song for Spiritual Protection
to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance"

We like to sing it before bedtime, but you can incorporate it into any part of your day - morning, noon, or night. Add verses, lyrics, and extra lines as the mood strikes you. Use as often as you like :). 

With love,


LAST UPDATED: January 30, 2015

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