Gnome Guides & How You Can Meet Yours

Gnomes have a reputation as a mysterious bunch.

Little is known about gnomes in popular culture, outside of the decades old TV cartoon, David the Gnome, and the iconization of the traveling garden gnome – yet there is so much more to know about the depth of their character and of the benefits that they bestow on society that have not yet been shared.

My family and I have recently spent an extended period of time in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest of Northern California. Five weeks, to be exact. In a one room cabin, with minimal electricity, no indoor bathroom, and 50 unpaved minutes to travel to the closest town. Rustic is almost too cute to describe it.

It’s on a large swath of land that’s been dedicated for spiritual practice and retreat, set aside with the intended purpose that people would come here for healing and contemplation. And that we did.

Not only is this area of forest specifically intended with spiritual purposes, it’s also located in one of the most energetically and spiritually dense places in the entire world, the Mount Shasta region of the Cascade Range.

There’s no veil between the physical world, the spiritual world, and the energetic world here.

Discover Gnome Guides and learn how you can meet yours

Which means, that as a sensitive of any kind, you’re practically plunged into a world of no separation the minute you come up here.

The energetic vibration is visible in the air and palpable on the skin.

The spiritual presence, has been noted by all guests and residents of the property – sensitives and non-sensitives alike.

And while there are many types of Spirits that exist in this area, there is one major group that takes precedence here.

The Nature Spirits.

We’re in an area deep within nature, with minimal, if any, human presence. A place with thousands of miles of undisturbed Earth.

Away from interrupted human presence, in the form of noise, electronics, roads, or telephone poles, this is a place of safety and protection of the Spirits of the forest. Animal spirits, plant spirits, fairies, fauns, and as the focus of this post, gnomes.

This is a place of solitude for all Spirits of the forest.

Humans, whose Spirit lies with nature, and Spirits without physical bodies, who are inherently tied to and located within nature.

When you come to a place like this, as a Human Spirit, you can be alone in the physical sense, but you are always supported and protected by those in Spirit in the Earthen Realm.

Each type of Earth Spirit provides a different element to a physical Human’s nature experience. We come to the forest to experience healing, and that healing is provided by those that already live here. By the bird’s song, by the leaf’s rustle, by the fairy’s joy, and by the gnome’s reflection.

Each provides an element of peace and of healing. All of which combine to form an entire experience of transformation, occurring below the surface. And for that, we have the Nature Spirits to thank.

A bird provides a beautiful song, a fern provides a feeling of soft comfort, a fairy provides the beauty of a glisten of water, and a gnome, provides food for thought and points of ponderance.

Gnomes provide profound revelation as their offering to those that come to the forest.

Their mystery is rooted in the few words they speak and their scarce appearances. Gnomes are typically wary of humans, solely because they act as guardians of the forest, and humans (in general) have a long history of not also guarding the forest.

But if you’ve come to the forest for healing and pondering, a gnome knows you as a friend.

A gnome knows that you get the same peace and comfort from the forest that they too get, and as primary inhabitants of the woods, they seek to make you feel most at home, and strive to ensure that you leave the forest having found exactly what you came to find.

As a host, they want to ensure their guest has had a fulfilling visit. And they do everything they can to make that happen.

Gnomes provide wisdom, insight, and thought provoking revelations. They say few words, but the talking points they provide are powerful.

Have you ever spent time in nature during which you came to deep realizations?

It was likely a gnome who planted those thought seeds.

Have you ever walked into the forest and returned with a solution to a problem?

A gnome provided the insight needed to look at the problem in a new way.

Have you ever been able to see the situation anew after a walk?

Your Gnome Guide surely accompanied you and helped you think it through.

Gnomes specialize in contemplation and ponderance, and this is why they have a reputation of mystery.

They keep to themselves in the forest, they give wisdom and insight, and they are wary of humans – all ingredients for misconceived mystery.

And really, isn’t it so that anyone who stays in the forest and emerges with profound realizations is considered mysterious?

That is, until they’re considered a genius instead.

Each person, who has ever walked into nature for a break, a reprieve, or to blow off some steam, has done so, on some level, with the intention to receive from the walk healing and insight from a new angle.

With this intention, you’ve also sent out a call to the universe for help.

A call that has been answered by the Spirits who excel in ponderance in nature – Gnomes.

If you’ve EVER, in your life, went on a walk to think (if only walking to work), set off into nature for a break, or sat in the forest for a breathe of fresh air, you’ve made a friend in a Gnome.

This friend, is your Gnome Guide.

Gnome Guides differ from other Guides in that, in most cases, they have to be intentionally sought out and requested. Less so in a way that you directly ask for a Gnome Guide, but rather, in a way that you request healing and rejuvenation from the Earth – a call to the Spirits of the Earth for help.

Gnomes are polite and reserved, wise and loyal, thoughtful and kind. They provide food for thought, pieces of contemplation, or points of interest that we all come to nature to find.

Most importantly, they love to draw on the fruits of the Earth for insight and wisdom, and they deeply enjoy connecting with anyone else who loves to do the same.

Your Gnome Guide is your contemplation guide.

Discover Gnome Guides and learn how you can meet yours

A Gnome Guide is like your chess partner, reserved and contemplative, mysterious even, and carefully calculating their next move. But, if you don’t like to play chess, you may not ever get to know this chess partner.

You have to like to play chess, to discuss the best options for the next move, only known to chess experts.

You have to like to be in Nature, to discuss spiritual revelations only known to Spirits of Nature, the gnomes.

Gnome guides are best at what they do when they are in their element, connecting the core of who they are with the core of who you are, in the forest. If you seek their revelations and contemplation pieces, is it not best to receive them when you yourself are in a state of Spiritual separation from society – at a place of minimal disruption in the woods?

Is not the best place to receive a revelation when you are at your calmest and most centered?

For most humans, this place of calmness and centering, can be found in the woods, standing atop the rooting structures of thousands of plants.

You Gnome Guide can provide you with the healing insight you seek in the woods, all you have to do is go and be open to receive.

Discover Gnome Guides and learn how you can meet yours

How can you meet your Gnome Guide?

To begin working individually with your Gnome Guide, on a first name basis, a formal meeting is in order.

Sure, the two of you have likely already met in passing, although you may not know their name or know they exist.

Now is the time to change that.

Meeting your Gnome Guide is similar to getting to know and meeting any other type of Guide, like a Fairy or a Spirit Guide.

Typically, the process involves an offering of some sort, an intention to meet, and a meditation.

With Gnomes, the process is very simple.

Step 1. Prepare an offering

Step 2. Go to the woods (Intention to meet)

Step 3. Close your eyes and ask them to step forward (Meditation)

Let’s review these steps.

How to Meet Your Gnome Guide

Step 1.  Prepare an offering.

Gnomes are thoughtful and insightful in their support of others. And an offering is a gift to display friendship and gratitude, often equivocal in nature. It represents a point of connection between you and the recipient. A bonding bridge.

If you bring wine to a house warming, it’s an offering to the host in the form of something you like and know they also like.

If you offer a gift to the Fairy realm, it usually takes the format of something joyful – berries, a feather, plant material. You and your Fairy Guide are bonding over joy.

When you offer a gift to your Gnome Guide, you are strengthening the bond that brings you together – contemplation and insight.

An offering to your Gnome Guide takes the form of thought and revelation. You offer your thought and insight in return for that which they provide to you and others.

Your Gnome Guide requests an offering in written form, of your latest piece of contemplation. The last thing you’ve been pondering. The latest change or insight to the framing of your life. It can be about the meaning of home, the idea of soulmates, or the spectrum of dark to light – anything at all that you’ve recently pondered.

It doesn’t have to be long, maybe 2-4 sentences in length. It is an offering of your thoughts. A gift to the Gnomes that they may then carry on to share with others.

Step 2. Go to the Woods. (Intention to meet)

To meet your Gnome Guide and give your offering, you must go to the place where Gnomes live.

They prefer wooded landscapes with much tree cover, and a soft filtering of sunlight through the trees. This could be your yard, your local park, or the nearest forest.

Find a place that you think gnomes would like, and go there.

Step 3. Close your eyes and ask them to step forward. (Meditation)

Offering in hand, once you arrive to your desired spot, it is now time to meet your Gnome Guide.

Fold up your contemplation piece, and place it on a log, on the ground, or at the base of a tree. If you can, secure it with a nearby stone.

Take a few steps back, have a seat, and close your eyes.

With your hands on your knees and palms facing upward, take a few deep breaths to relax yourself and align yourself with the energy of the forest.

Once you feel ready, ask your Gnome Guide to step forward. Then, start talking – either aloud or in your mind, and in your speech, indicate that you’ve brought an offering and a gift in the form of a contemplation piece that represents your gratitude and partnership with the Gnome Realm.

Continue to speak, thanking your Gnome Guide for their support and insight through the years, and don’t forget to let them know of your delight and excitement in building your relationship.

Then, when you are ready, ask your Gnome Guide to say their name and if they have a gift for you.

Wait for the first name that pops into your head. This is it. This is the name of your Gnome Guide.

As for the gift, this can take any number of forms. Often, it is a sensation of full body tingling or a flash of light. It might be a sudden breeze or the song of a bird at the time you ask.

Still even, it might be the insightful solution to a long standing problem, that just comes to you on your way home from the forest.

In any way that it comes, thank your Gnome Guide for their introduction.

You now have a partnership in pondering and you know their name.

In the forest, you are never alone. You are always supported. And now, you know you have at least one friend.

With love on your journey,

LAST UPDATED: October 8, 2014