Is There a “Best” Position for Grounding Meditations? Seated, Standing, and Laying Down

Grounding is the act of energetically connecting your energy, the Energy of your Spirit, to the energy within the Earth.

The energy located there is Divine, Source energy, and is cleansing, purifying, and healing. It’s a necessary act in any spiritual pursuit, and in maintaining a centered state of calm and relaxation in your physical life.

While we are spiritual beings in a physical body, before we delve into connecting with those in Spirit – it’s essential that we anchor ourselves to the physical.

Imagine that you were on a ship at sea, and on that ship, was a helipad through which crew members could leave the ship to travel into the air to perform search and rescue missions. Now imagine, that it was just you on that ship and that for a short time, you wanted to leave the ship and hop onto a plane to do whatever it is you needed to do. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could anchor your ship so that you were sure it was in a safe and secure place in which you could easily return?

It sure would be – and this is what grounding is in the spiritual sense.

Grounding anchors your Spirit, your Energy, and your physical body, so at least some it is present, aware, and secure in the physical realm in which you currently live.

It gives you a secure and safe place to return, in any pursuit. Spiritual endeavor or otherwise. Grounding acts as a safe harbor for you, so even on your toughest days, sending down an anchor provides a sense of calm security.

But, which method is best for securing your anchor? What’s the best strategy to make sure your anchor is securely fastened to the core of the Earth, where you want it to be?

It’s commonly taught that the best method to ground is in an upright, seated position.

This is for a few reasons –

  1. Comfort, but not sleep level comfort

  2. Alignment of your energetic system with the earth energy

When you first start learning to ground, it can take a little while to both learn how to do it and to relax your mind enough to get into the intuitive state needed for meditation, so it helps to be comfortable and relaxed while you do it. Intuitive practices like grounding happen most easily when the brain is in a state of relaxation. When you’re seated in a cozy chair, you can get comfortable enough to get into the mindset, while your body, your chakra system, is also properly aligned with the Source energy to which you are connecting in the center of the earth.

Energy of the earth is directly below our feet, at the core of the earth, when we are both standing and sitting. The chakra system, your core energetic centers, run vertically along your body, from your feet to the top of your head. And when you throw down your anchor, or any anchor really, it needs to extend from the most stable, most secure part of your body. This is your root chakra, situated in  your sacrum area, or the bottoms of your feet (also technically an extension of the root chakra).

When you are seated, it is so much easier to visualize dropping your anchor from your root chakra into the earth, because it can simply fall straight down.

This is an energetic link you are creating, between your own energy and the energy of the earth, and the more direct and the straighter the link, the better, the stronger, and more seamless the energy flow.

In a seated position AND a standing position, the energetic link you create is completely vertical and completely straight – straight down into the center of the Earth, and extending up vertically to your root chakra, then your sacral chakra, and all the way up to the crown, hitting each and every one of your energetic centers in a vertical line.

Grounding Techniques - is meditating while laying down really as bad as they say it is? From sitting, to standing, to laying down, what's the best position for grounding?  Find out at 

Is there a difference between seated and standing?

Not really, both are perfectly fine. Seated is the preference for beginners simply due to comfort level. Once you’ve practiced, grounding standing up is an equally fine method and in fact, it’s awesome if you can learn to do it – because then you can take your grounding skills pretty much anywhere, available chair or not.

Grounding laying down, is a whole ‘nother story. While possible, it becomes trickier due to the energetic alignment.

Imagine that you are laying down, and attempting to bring the energy of the earth up through the root chakra, then systematically through all the other chakras. Once the energy hits the root chakra, you have to bend the energetic link to turn it to run through the other chakras.

It’s like you have a water hose and you’re watering a garden, and rather than turning your body and the hose to water another area of the garden, you just BEND the hose to reach the other area. You create a kink in the hose by doing this.

Does water come out? Maybe. But it slows to a trickle and eventually a stop, making it harder and harder to water the garden.

When you ground laying down, you are doing so at a disadvantage, because you essentially create a kink in the energy hose.

Grounding Techniques - is meditating while laying down really as bad as they say it is? From sitting, to standing, to laying down, what's the best position for grounding?  Find out at 

Is it taboo and a no no? Not really, it’s just far more challenging and not all that efficient of a way to water a garden, through a kinked hose, or in this case, to connect Divine Earth energy with your energy.

The key in grounding, and throwing down your anchor, is doing so in the fastest, most secure way possible – and even in ship terms, this means dropping the anchor directly down below, rather than throwing the anchor and rope to the other side of the ship and over the edge, creating a bend in a rope and a strain across the ship. You can become anchored that way, but is it the safest, stablest, most efficient, or most secure route? Maybe not.

Grounding happens more quickly, more efficiently, and more securely if you have a strong, steady stream of energy running through your hose from the Source. The way you do this is by having an unkinked, straight link between you (the patch of garden needing water) and the source of the water to which the hose (the grounding cord) is attached.

You are the patch of garden, the grounding cord is your hose, and the source of water is Divine Earth energy. Having no kinks from one end to the other, is the best way to ensure that your garden gets watering.

Grounding while seated, sitting upright or standing upright ensures no kinks and a well watered garden.

Hope that helps!

Note: While grounding in the supine position is perhaps not the best method, there are other meditative and healing techniques in which this position can be highly beneficial and even ideal.

Grounding Techniques - is meditating while laying down really as bad as they say it is? From sitting, to standing, to laying down, what's the best position for grounding?  Find out at 

LAST UPDATED: February 3, 2015