Hatred of Eating Sounds: Can Clairaudience Cause Misophonia?

Crunch, crunch, chew, slurppppp. . .

If the very thought of hearing these sounds makes you irritable, angry, and anxious – this is a known condition called Misophonia.

The intense intolerance of the eating sounds is sometimes so pervasive and damaging to the quality of life of someone with this condition that medication for anxiety is often prescribed.

Where did this sensitivity to sound come from, and why is it so anchored in eating sounds only?

Here’s the thing, only a portion of our hearing is transmitted and received through airborne means. This is how voice is largely transmitted, for example.

We are also able to hear and receive sound, even inaudible sound, with our skeletal system through vibrations and reverberations.

Skeletal generated sounds are often much higher in decibels, and thus, we hear them more intensely and with more sensitivity than sound that’s audible through the air, like most human speech.

Chewing and eating generate sounds within the jaw and skull, and thus, skeletal sound in addition to the airborne transmission of the sound.

There’s 2 layers of sound generated when eating, airborne and skeletal.

Skeletal sound is difficult, if not impossible, to block out with ear plugs due to the frequency by which it is generated and the decibel level it can reach.

On top of that, there’s another type of hearing that uses skeletal sound – it’s an inner hearing known in the intuitive world as Clairaudience or clear hearing.

This is the ability for psychic hearing and the means with which you are able to receive information and communicate with those in Spirit.

When you hear with this intuitive sense of clairaudience, the messages and communication do not generally arise through airborne transmission, in that, you very rarely hear an audible voice in your external environment. Rather, the message and communication is received and heard via your skeletal hearing system.

Spirits transmit voice, most commonly, through vibration and frequency – by using and manipulating energy to generate an idea, thought, or communication.

Eating sounds - do they make you cringe? It's not pleasant, but it might mean you have a strong psychic ability! 

Clairaudience uses your skeletal hearing system.

And if you are clairaudient, you’ve likely had this ability on some level your entire life.

It can manifest as . . .

  • frequently talking to yourself or working out problems in your head
  • journalling to work through and process your thoughts and emotions
  • being great at giving advice
  • hearing a “little voice in your head” that gives supportive reminders and advice

to name a few examples.

With this ability, comes a greater sensitivity of your skeletal hearing system. This sensitivity is required to hear, sense, and receive the often subtle messages from Spirit.

Your whole life has been spent with your skeletal system honed and fine tuned to receive these subtle, quiet inner messages.

Then, a blast of skeletal sound enters your system, like the extreme sound and frequency generated by chewing, it can feel like nails on a chalkboard. Because it is to you.

Imagine your whole life had been spent learning, fine tuning, and honing your skills to the delicate and cohesive sounds of classical music.

When you come into contact with a louder genre of music that generates a great deal of sound and clashing notes, this can be torture on your ears.

With your hearing system calibrated for a subtler sound, in this case, hearing those in Spirit, it’s extremely jarring when that calibration is brought way out of range by sounds that are far from subtle.

Misophonia is less an anxiety disorder, and more an grating irritation created when a intensely clairaudient individual comes into contact with a sound on the opposite extreme of their calibrated range.

What can you do to abate it?

For me, I’ve found the one thing that works is using music as a filter during meal times. With background music playing, this can filter out and diminish the intensity of the chewing sounds. Other than that, I leave the area if at all possible, though, I find that there are certain times of day where I’m more sensitive than others.

There’s little you can do you to make it go away – it’s a by-product of the being extremely clairaudient with strong Spirit hearing skills. You can use these skills to your advantage, and then, the benefits of a strong connection with Spirit may outweigh the detriment of withstanding chewing sounds from time to time.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: July 29, 2015