Healing Properties of Echinacea

by Sarah Petruno, Shaman

A beloved member of our summer garden, Echinacea purpurea is a fantastic internal immune boosting herb that grows well both in the garden and in the wild.

Echinacea, when mixed in tincture form with clay or activated charcoal to create a paste, will pull impurities from the skin and speed healing of wounds and bites. You can also mix the tincture in a carrier oil, or create a salve, for application to wounds on the skin.

When brought into the home or grown near the home, Echinacea draws prosperity and abundance to the home in all forms, but particularly abundant health, home happiness, and harmony. It protects and buffers the family from suffering from or succumbing to poverty.

Spiritually, where Echinacea really shines is in its protection against psychic attack. Taken internally, as a member of the Aster family, it fills the inner body with a starburst of healing energy, pushing out and away incoming attacks or attacks already underway.

When you need to use Echinacea as a protectant and healer of psychic attack, I recommend you take it in tincture form (this one from Starwest is a great choice), or, if you’re in a hurry and you have some in your garden, you may also chew the leaves.

Echinacea is part of our herbal medicine cabinet at home and we have it on hand for treating seasonal allergies, immune deficiencies, psychic attack, scrapes, cuts, and bites.

Enjoy it in your garden, or bring it into your home as a tincture!

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Last Updated: July 10, 2016

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