Heart Chakra Healing Session $49 – SOLD OUT


Heart Chakra Distance Healing Session

open yourself up to receive, heal and release emotional pain, & maximize your healing ability

**this session has SOLD OUT and is no longer availabe**

The Heart Chakra is our energetic center for giving and receiving – love, compassion, kindness, and abundance energy.

When you’re a kind-hearted, good-natured person, this chakra can easily become overloaded, burden, and blocked with the energy of others.

You can wear your heart on your sleeve, literally, and put so much of yourself and your heart center out there into the world, that others can easily spot your energetic, emotional, and physical genorosity and take advantage.

It’s not always intentional, in fact, most times it isn’t.

But that doesn’t stop you from inadvertantly taking on the energetic brunt of the emotional burdens that others face.

Your friends, family, and coworkers can unknowingly lay their burdens on you any time they come to you with a problem. This can clog and muck up your heart chakra. 

Culmulatively, throughout your day to day life, when you are compassionate, giving, and kind to others, your heart chakra can take a hit. Not to mention the impact of dealing with your own personal life and the emotional challenges you surely face.

When your heart chakra is blocked, you can experience shoulder and upper back pain, chest congestion, saddness from an unknown source, anxiety, stress, heaviness, achy arms, lack of abundance, and so much more. 

If you’re a healer, and you’re struggling with fully activating your healing channel, a blocked heart chakra could be the reason.

This holiday season, to connect you back to your heart center and align you with abundance and healing energy, I’m offering a limited edition Heart Chakra Healing Distance Session – only available until December 18th, and only $49. 

In your Heart Chakra Healing session, you will receive:

  • A centering, grounding and anchoring of your Energetic and Spiritual body to Mother Earth

  • A release and removal of any blockage or stagnation impacting your heart chakra

  • A release and healing of any emotional energy weighing down, blocking, or hindering the function of your heart chakra

  • An opening, cleansing, and clearing of your heart chakra

  • An opened, bi-directional pathway to receive abundant, healing energy through your heart chakra

  • An infusion of abundance energy to recharge and jumpstart your abundance-receiving abilities

  • A cleared and direct flow of energy through your heart chakra in all channels and pathways through which heart chakra energy flows through your body

  • A deep cleanse of healing pathways through which you can send and sense healing energy

  • A golden wash of Divine Healing Energy throughout your heart chakra

  • A final layer of healing, shielding, and protective energy over your entire energetic body – your aura

When you sign up for your Heart Chakra Distance Healing Session, your energy healing session will be completed and delivered to you within 14 business days.

Heart Chakra Distance Healing Session - $49, available only until Dec. 18th

Heart Chakra Distance Healing Session


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This session is a distance healing session with Sarah Petruno. A reading is NOT included in this session.

Sarah will connect with your energy and Spiritual Team at a distance. You will receive a recap of the healing you received in a downloadable PDF file at the completion of your session via email. The beauty of this session is that you do not have to be physically present to receive the healing. Each session is completed at a distance (via email) with no appointment necessary.

Your session will be completed within 14 business days of purchase, excluding weekends and US holidays.  

If you received a payment confirmation via email, your session is confirmed – don’t worry! As sessions are completed at a distance, you will not receive a separate scheduling or confirmation email – but rest assured, your session is being worked on and will be completed as soon as possible. Your payment receipt is confirmation your distance session will be delivered to you. As soon as Sarah completes your session, you will receive your PDF file via email, sent to the email address attached the payment. For questions, contact appointments@sarahpetrunoshamanism.com.

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