Herbal Healing & Aromatherapy with Yankee Candles

Tom Petruno, Herbalist

Been to a birthing class recently? Or an essential oil workshop? If you have, you may have learned about essential oils and different scents to use during labor for different aromatherapeutic results.

As a parent of two young children, and as the support person in a homebirth, the use of aromatherapy in labor, childhood, and to support emotional and physical health is on my radar.

Our sense of smell can trigger strong emotional, physical, and spiritual reactions.

Maybe you have walked passed the bakery in the grocery store just as they took fresh bread out of the over, you then promptly picked up a loaf, because the scent was so mesmerizing. Even a scent experience as mundane as this can trigger something within you.

As I was pondering aromatherapy and how we use it in our lives, a quick glance around our house revealed Sarah’s obsession with candles, specifically, Yankee candles.

There’s a broad appeal of having a candle in your house – and what you may not realize, is that many candles, particularly higher quality ones, do contain essential oils popular in aromatherapy and healing.

As a herbalist, I was intrigued. So, I took the liberty of looking up some of the most popular herbal-based Yankee Candles to do a quick analysis of the scent and associated herbal properties. Also, I took a lap around the house to see what flavors Sarah has placed around our house.

Yep, candles can be healing.

In the list below, I share with you the healing properties of the herbs and flowers in our favorite candles.

Herbal Healing Properties of Yankee Candles

Midnight Jasmine

Jasmine is known to act as an antidepressant, sensual stimulant, and female pain reliever. Another ingredient in this candle is sweet honeysuckle which is calming, helpful in homesickness, and for dwelling in the past.

Pink Peony

Peony is a great cleanser indicated for the kidney and gallbladder, it is an antispasmotic (muscle relaxing), helpful in epilepsy and childhood convulsions, can help with spasmodic coughs, whooping cough, and is overall a calming herb.

Lily of the Valley

This plant is a heart tonic. When you need some strength in the heart go ahead and get this candle. Perfect for heart chakra healing!

Apple Cider

This one has a few of the culinary spices/herbs in it. I always find it fun to look at culinary spices and see all the benefits they have, their flavor isn’t the only reason they have been added to food for ages. There are 4 well-known herbs in this candle. Cinnamon is indicated for exhaustion, digestion, it is antiviral, a stimulant, antiseptic, beneficial for when you have a cold. Clove is a great herb to increase circulation, aid digestion, relieve nausea, gas, and toothaches. Nutmeg has a lot of similar benefits as clove; it relieves gas and remedies nausea. Ginger is a well-renowned herb for its healing properties. Ginger is a stimulant, reproductive tonic, respiratory aid and digestive tonic, good for increasing circulation, cramps, and promotes sweating.

Sage and Citrus

Sage is an antispasmodic (muscle relaxing), antibacterial, astringent, decreases night sweats, stops the flow of milk in a breastfeeding mother, digestive aid, it is good to use for colds, the flu, sinus congestion, bladder infections, inflammation, headaches, and to strengthen the body after a long illness. Lemon and lime tend to be immune boosting and antibiotic. A cold and flu season superstar!

Lemon Lavender

Want a relaxingly clean smelling candle? With Lemon Lavender, you can’t get much better than that. Lavender is calming, an antidepressant, good for headaches, coughs, colds, is an antibacterial, a mild sedative, good for stress, and insomnia. Lemon is again immune boosting and antibiotic. Lemon is also an alkalizing food, which can be useful in healing the body.

Fresh Cut Roses

One of Sarah’s favorites! Roses are soothing, antidepressant, calming of anger, and are known to alleviate hangovers.


Aromatherapy can be extremely effective. Invite these candles into you home and you are also inviting the essence of the herbs used to make it. Stay in a state of readiness to receive energy and you will likely be able to pull some of the benefits from the plants.

Thank you for reading!


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Last Updated: October 27, 2016