9 Herbs for Increasing Abundance

by Tom Petruno, Herbalist

Accepting abundance into your life is something many of us need to learn. We are born and brought up with the ideas of what you can’t have.

This cycle needs to be broken! Sarah has created an amazing course, From Broke To Baller, that will straighten out your path with money and abundance.

Consider this a little primer to get your abundance gears in motion. Herbs can be wildly abundant, in places where other things are not growing and in highly disturbed areas.

Accept these plants into your life.

Go find them in your community.

Find products that contain them.

It’s all about getting the essence of the plant in your energy.

Once you are on the tracks, connecting with abundance and accepting it, you will find more abundance will flow to you. Basically, what I’m getting at here is you need to practice. If you are like me, finding ways to implement these plants into your life will prove to be enjoyable on its own.

9 Herbs for Increasing Abundance

1. Calendula

This is the ultimate salve herb. Used widely for healing the skin, burns are a specialty. You can find calendula in many different items on the market. Grow it in a pot or in your garden, you will be surprised by how many flowers you will collect during the growing season. Chop off the fully open blooms and just watch more take their place.

2. Mint

Mints are pretty much the epitome of abundance, for some to a fault. Mints have been known to take over whatever space they are in. Put them in a pot, they can thrive both in or outside of the house. The variety of mints out there is amazing as well. Here are some easily acquirable mints that are incredibly abundant: Peppermint, Spearmint, Holy Basil (our personal garden abundance friend), Lemon Balm, and Catnip. Something for everyone!

3. Dill

Another plant that will take over your garden if you aren’t careful. Your pickling specialist herb can be enjoyed all year long in any region as part of your preserved goods. Taking a closer look at Dill you may see it attract butterflies and their caterpillars. A plant that can promote abundance of other animals in nature is usually a lock to do the same for us.

4. Blackberry

Along with other vine-y, thorny plants that are known to take over the area in which they are growing, blackberry is an excellent bringer of abundance. If you have ever gotten yourself into the middle of a bramble while berry picking, you know you already know this. With this plant, you can eat the delicious berries as well as use the leaves and root to loosen bowel movements. Effective for kids. Rose and raspberry are also great abundance bringers.

5. Dandelion

A look at just about any grass lawn across the united states will show you it has accepted dandelion into the fold. It is probably one of the most well-known plants around and extremely visible for all to see. Up the opulence by having yourself some dandelion wine. Use the young greens in salads for a bitter boost. In tea, the leaves and root are used as a great blood purifier (hint: detoxifier).

6. Plantain

Most places you see dandelion, there is probably plantain as well, it just doesn’t stand out the same way. Plantain is another plant that is an excellent healer use it in a salve with calendula and you have quite the little remedy. You can also eat the leaves of plantain and they will give you a huge amount of nutrients.

7. Violet

Violets are hardy, abundant, and really tasty. The blue or white flowers can be seen in dry mountain terrain or in the middle of city lawns. Wherever they are, you can count on there usually being a lot of them. Go out and find some violet candy, a tasty way to get this plant in your life. This is a cooling herb (yin), so use it for conditions where your body is holding extra heat (yang).

8. Burdock

This big leaved, spikey, seeded plant is known as a blight to many, BUT perhaps those people have never looked at all the benefits that can be realized by the root of the plant. Another supreme blood purifier that holds a surprise under the ground, a large root that can be eaten as a vegetable and is prized in Japan.

9. Grapevine

I have a struggle with a grapevine, it is growing all through our hedge and fence. It might cause me a lot of work to keep it managed, but I can’t lie, I respect it immensely for its growing tenacity. My grape, unfortunately, does not fruit, but you can find wild fruiting grapes all over. They will climb far up trees and crawl along the ground. I really love plants with the urgency to live like grape. Obviously grape is another plant whose fruit is amazing, and yes eating grapes and thinking about the plant can open up receptors for abundance to flow to you.

Abundance is a funny thing. Many think that they just have room to accept more and more into their life, however, you need to continually be moving energy to accept more abundance. Clear out old energy and old items in your house that have not been used in over a year. You can’t bring in more and new things if there is already too much in the way.

Head over to the shop and get yourself in the brand new From Broke to Baller course. You will learn methods on accepting abundance into your life and work through many personal issues you, and most of us, face when it comes to money.



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Tom Petruno, Herbalist

Tom Petruno is a trained plant spirit herbalist, homesteader, stay at home dad, lover of wild foraging, and homebrewing enthusiast. Oh yeah, he’s also Sarah’s husband. He also writes for the Tom’s Tidings section of the monthlyThe Shaman Life subscription program.

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