Holiday Survival Pack – Keeping Your Sanity and Reducing Stress During the Holidays

Holiday Survival Pack

5 exclusive exercises  + 2 guided meditations

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do you have a tough time getting through the holiday season?

The parties, the food, the drink, the crowds, the shopping, the pressure to do everything and be everything – it’s overwhelming.

And on top of that, it can really do a number on you mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

Being pulled in every direction can make you stressed, overwhelmed, without gratitude, and it can drag on your energy. 

This season, as the cups of coffee pile up, don’t let yourself stay in that funk – you can stay in that holiday spirit and get through this season with ease.

As someone who has long struggled with stress and anxiety, knowing how to manage and deal with this kind of pressure is a core aspect of my work.

Dealing with stressors the right way is part of my daily routine.

Because I teach so many others how they can weave spirituality into their every day life, it’s become a specialty of mine.

Over the course of the last several months, I’ve performed hundreds of healing sessions and from those sessions,

I’ve boiled down a few core essential stress relieving exercises.

Exercises that are quick and easy to do, and can help ease stress, lift burdens, and re-energize you during this busy time of year. 

These exercises have been bundled all together to create something I like to call

The keys to reducing your stress and staying sane during the busiest time of year - get them in my Holiday Survival Pack!

The keys to reducing your stress and staying sane during the busiest time of year – get them in my Holiday Survival Pack!

the Holiday Survival Pack

The Holiday Survival Pack is an eBook + guided meditation bundle that includes FIVE never before released exercises that you can do in very little time to make yourself feel better.

They work.

Really, really well.

These exercises included in the Holiday Survival Pack were first shown to me by own Spirit Guide team and then tested on real clients – who’ve used them extensively with incredible success! This is why I’ve included them for you here and the first time they are being shared publicly.

One more thing. The Holiday Survival Pack doesn’t just stop at the Holidays.

When you purchase the Holiday Survival Pack, on New Year’s Day, I email you ANOTHER exercise and meditation designed to help you release the old, heal yourself, and move into the New Year with a fresh, clean slate.

Your Holiday Survival Pack includes:

  1. A mini-ebook with 5 of my core essential exercises designed to help you reduce stress, erase feelings of sluggishness, and bring you more abundance

  2. One all-purpose cleansing and protecting guided meditation

  3. An exclusive, New Year’s Day meditation sent to you separately on January 1, 2016 designed to help you cleanse, release, and jump into the New Year with a clean slate

Each and every exercise included in the eBook can be completed no matter where you are and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll have relief from:

  • stress
  • overwhelm
  • tension
  • irritability
  • burn out
  • grumpiness
  • sluggishness
  • money worry
  • lack mentality
  • heavy foods
  • digestive issues
  • other people’s negativity
  • and more!

The more often you practice each exercise, the more efficient you’ll become and the quicker you’ll be able to implement and notice results from each technique. The exercises are designed to be used again and again, with the effects becoming greater and more noticeable the more often you complete each exercise.

Best yet, the methods are tried and true. They’re tested.

I use the methods I include in your Holiday Survival Pack to survive not just the holidays, but other difficult times of year and season.

Get the breathing room you need this holiday season with the Holiday Survival Pack.

When you complete checkout below, your first pack elements will arrive to you immediately via email. 

The keys to reducing your stress and staying sane during the busiest time of year - get them in my Holiday Survival Pack!

the holiday survival pack


The Holiday Survival Pack brings you relief for the holidays – finally! 

the holiday survival pack comes to you in 2 segments.

The first segment is emailed to you immediately upon purchase and includes your ebook (14 pages) and your first guided meditation (10:20 minutes).

The second segment is sent to you on January 1st, 2016 (EST), and includes your New Year meditation.

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