How We Went From Homeless to Single Income Earner in 9 Months

Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Disclaimer: I am a shaman and I practice shamanic healing. Shamanism is not a religion. Nonetheless, I do not identify as Christian, or of any religious denomination. If you’re not interested in the viewpoint of a spiritual, shamanic healer – stop reading. If you are, then let’s get started! 


In August 2014, my family and I found ourselves dually unemployed {mostly} and homeless. We stayed homeless until October 2014.

In July 2015, after we’d gotten back on our feet and found a place to live, my husband quit his job and we shifted to a single income earning household (from this website and blog).

How we became homeless is not something I’ve shared yet on this blog or on my YouTube channel, though I’ve talked about our time spent homeless.

August 2014 was the month I took a leap of faith into shamanism, left my PhD program and per diem teaching position, our lease ended, and we planned to move back to where we lived pre-PhD program.

I followed the advice and teachings of so many abundance mindset and spiritual teachers, who insisted that if you just stayed in the abundance mindset and trusted that the universe would support you – it would.

I believed that because I was working hard, spreading the message of spirit and healing, that the Universe would, in my eyes, hold up their end of the bargain and support me during the process.

I felt, and believed in my heart, that if I took that huge leap of faith and jumped two feet first into the world of spiritual healing and shamanism, that I’d be caught. That all the free articles I’d written would bring sufficient clients to support us during the transition.

In essence, I believed that if I trusted abundance would come, it would. All I had to do was take the leap of faith and the Universe would have my back.

That didn’t happen.

At least not in the way I expected.

What happened instead was 2 months spent living out of our car, trying desperately to make it back to where we had originated, bouncing from one temporary shelter to the next.

I frequently went to bed at night and woke up in the morning not knowing where our next meal would come from, or if we’d be sleeping in our car or in a bed that night.

We lived day by day, meal by meal, and minute by minute.

It was a harsh reality.

I took the leap that you’re supposed to take and left my life, and I felt betrayed.

I felt like I couldn’t trust the universe of the Spirit World for whom I had put everything on the line, and worked hard to spread their message day in and day out.

I was angry, upset, and lost.

I realized that abundance wasn’t coming just because I believed it would, or because some spiritual teacher explained that I just had to stay in the vortex.

That’s not how it works.

We survived, largely on the wings of my sister, my mom, and my aunt, who believed in us and helped support us financially and emotionally during that time.

And eventually, we got back on our feet in October 2014 and found a place to live in a remote area of the Sierra Nevada in California.

During that fall, winter, and spring, I entered into and moved through some very dark places in my life.

While we had shelter, we regularly worried about if we’d have heat or money to pay for wood or propane. Sometimes we didn’t  – and went without heat and hot water. Our pantries we frequently empty. Our home had no furniture.

When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, we didn’t have a bed to sleep on.

I wrote, and blogged, and continued to trudge forward with this blog, website, and business throughout all of it.

I didn’t share it with anyone besides those closest to me – I was ashamed. I felt like I had failed, like I was living a lie.

But, during that time, I learned a huge lesson, among many, and one that I believe is missing from most abundance teachings.

Abundance doesn’t just happen to you. You have to make things happen to bring abundance to you.

YOU have to happen to abundance.

And on New Year’s Day 2015, I walked to a nearby forested park, sat in the middle of a circle of cedars, and began to cry.

Slowly, I started to speak.

I asked why this was happening.

Why was I doing everything I knew how to do and still, no money was coming?

Why was I doing this at all? Why was I even writing about this? Did anyone even care? Should I just go back to academia? Should I start looking up teaching positions at the local university?

Then, I asked my guides to show me, exactly, what I needed to do to change things. That I was ready to change and I wanted to be shown the way to change.

Freezing and crying, I walked back home, still not sure if anything would change.

But, I was determined to make a change happen and over the course of the next 3 months, I got to work.

I taught myself how to monetize my blog and website, and starting transforming all my blogs into Pinterest friendly articles (everything I did, I share in a video seminar – found here).

I started changing my relationship with money, how much I give for free/low-cost vs. how much I receive, and I did several past life healings and soul retrievals on myself. (All of this is shared in my new healing program, From Broke to Baller).

I started manifesting, but in a different way than is traditionally taught. I’d ask for ideas and ways to bring in income, and then I’d take action and create that thing.

I started viewing my life through a different lens, and even in the depth of despair, I’d force myself to see the positives and find reasons to be grateful.

I healed, I monetized, and I created ways for abundance to flow to me.

I happened to abundance.

And it worked!

SO many abundance mindset teachings explain that abundance flows to you so long as you’re in the right energy state, and in that sense, they teach a passive, “letting abundance happen to you” kind of mindset.

That didn’t work for me – at all.

What worked instead, was taking power over my own relationship with money, my inner healing regarding that relationship, and then my conscious action to bring myself to abundance.

I created healing session packages, I created eCourses, I created eBooks, I created meditations, I created exclusive, limited edition session offerings that sold out, and so much more.

I created so many things and created so many pathways for abundance, that by July of 2015, a mere 9 months after we had been homeless, my husband quit the job he took to help us make ends meet.

This time, I was 6 months pregnant and we were moving again.

Because, as it turns out, the house that saved us, had been rented to us, unknowingly, as the previous residence to a 12-year meth maker and user. I was pregnant, and when we raised issue and contacted an attorney, our lease was terminated.

The same week that my husband quit his job and drove across the country to meet us at our new home in Philadelphia (a story for another day), we saw on the news that the town we’d been living in was threatened by wildfire and had been evacuated. Had we not moved, we would’ve been homeless again.

The rest is happily ever after.

My husband never went back to work outside of the home, and I’ve continued on the same path and trajectory that I started on.

I took power over the situation, healed my relationship with giving and receiving, and created ways to bring myself to abundance.

I changed my mindset. I stopped closing my eyes and trusting that hundreds of dollars would come to me through session work (spoiler: it doesn’t, for most people), and I stopped being so passive in my relationship with how the Universe operated.

The Universe DOES provide, but you have to give it a way to provide.

Giving it a way to provide in abundance and healing how I feel about that, emotionally and energetically, is how we went from homeless to not in 9 months.

The entirety of my methods has been distilled into a comprehensive healing program, which you can find here.

The healings I did, the steps I took, the mindset shifts needed, Every. Single. Thing. I did, I share in this program.

In the time since then, I’ve completed hundreds of hours of healing and journeying on behalf of clients, and all of this money-related healing wisdom gained, has been imbued into the content of the healing program.

It’s not impossible.

But, I didn’t even  realize or believe that it happened or that it was possible for myself until I sat down and counted the number of months it took to turn my financial life completely around – it was 9 months.

Magic didn’t happen.

I MADE magic happen. And so can you.



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