How can a logical and rational person learn to trust spiritual experiences?

For most of my life, I’ve been a logical and rational person.

From a 5 year old girl learning the properties of oil and water in at home science experiments, to the high schooler in a biochemistry class taking field trips to pharmaceutical labs, to the Ph.D. student, working to obtain an advanced degree in experimental behavioral psychology.

My entire life, I’ve been training in logic and reason. I’ve been practicing, studying, and honing my abilities at being an expert reasoner, logician, and scientist – through interpreting information that I’ve received with my observational eyes and data points taken with scientific measurements.

I’ve run more than one academic, scientific lab.




That’s me!

And then, things changed.

No. . .I didn’t become illogical.

My perception of what real meant, changed.

My bulletproof ideas and solid foundation of – if science-can’t-explain-it-it-doesn’t-exist, shattered.

Around the birth of my daughter, I went through a spiritual awakening. A lifetime of logic and reasoning, also contained all sorts of other experiences that could not be explained by science and data points.

I was able to know if someone was trustworthy or not, just by a feeling.

Was that science?

I had seen and felt spirit presences in my house.

Was that science?

I had immense amounts of anxiety, which, guess what? Could not be cured, healed, or explained as of yet, by science.

My twin sister, had been keeping a secret her whole life, that she could see dead people with her eyes – and she came forward and spoke up. My heart had to believe her.

But, had it been explained by science?

No, no, and no.

There were and are several areas in my life, as a previous not spiritual and science was my religion individual, in which science, logic, and reason did not step up to the plate.

My own experiences, and what I personally knew to be real, were shifting.  Logic and science, could no longer explain all elements of my reality. And likely, it can’t explain all elements of your reality, either.

If you’ve ever had a gut reaction, an intuitive knowingness, or have felt a presence – are you suddenly illogical and irrational?


You’re an individual whose reality is more than just data points, numbers, and physical objects that can be seen with your eyes.

Widening your perceptions of what it means to be real and what it means to exist - what's a logical person to do? How can you start to trust your spiritual experiences?

A logical person, remains logical and rational, when they begin to expand their perceptions of what real means.

What’s real for us is only defined by what our perception of real is – and this, has indeed been shown by science. Time and time again, study after study, has demonstrated that our own reality is shaped by our truths and our perceptions of what reality is, through our own knowledge, expectations, and experiences in the world.

Your reality, may be different than the next person’s perception of reality, and does that make it wrong?

No, it makes it different.

When a logical and rational person, starts to step into the sphere of the spiritual, metaphysical, and energetic – only one thing has to happen.

A shift in what real means for you.  A shift in your own ideas of reality.

Experiences outside of the measurable and testable sphere of science exist, and it’s just a matter of you expanding your awareness of what something means to exist or be real.

When you step from the purely physical, through the doorway into the spiritual and the energetic, you’re opening your eyes and your awareness, to an entirely new realm. It’s an entirely new reality behind that door.

It’s not always tangible, observable, and measurable, but it’s no less real. It exists, and now it’s a matter of accepting what’s behind that door as just as real as what was before it.

Let’s say, for example, that you were walking in your neighborhood, and out of the corner of your eye, you saw a flash of a grey person. When you looked again, they were gone.

It was a Spirit.

Were they real?  

That depends on your definition of real. If your definition of “real” includes only things with physical substance and tangible, touchable matter – than no, maybe they weren’t real.

If your definition of real widens to accept all aspects of your reality (in front of and behind that door), whether or not it’s shared with someone else, then yes, definitely real.

Widening your perceptions of what it means to be real and what it means to exist - what's a logical person to do? How can you start to trust your spiritual experiences?

And really, isn’t that the true nature of logic and reason? To see, hear, or learn about something new, bring it into your own sphere of existence, and evaluate and decide for yourself what you will accept as real for you.

A logical and rational person doesn’t accept what someone else tells them to be true about their own, personal reality – they listen, and then ask, does this make sense for me and what I know to be real? Does this resonate with what I know to be true about my own life?

The trick with spirituality and spiritual experiences is that it may not resonate at first. It may not “fit” right away. And that’s fine. It’s new, it’s not an expected part of your previously known reality. It’s an anomaly, for now.

But, it keeps happening.

An unexplained sound here, a figure there, a sensation, a pinch, a pressure.

All previously not a part of your reality, but they keep adding up. You keep getting more data points. More replications. More of the same.

So what’s a rational person to do, to make these new intrusions into their reality “fit”?

What any good scientist would do!

Start taking measurements and gathering data.

Each time a new element is added to your reality, write it down. Keep a log. A lab notebook of your experiences.

Pretty soon, you’ll have a real, documented list. Realness on paper, sitting right before you.

Learning to trust these experiences as real and legitimate, is just a matter of re-writing what real means for you.

Do you trust yourself as logical, rational, and legitimate person?



Then, it’s pretty likely you’re still logical, rational, and legitimate.

Your definition of real is just changing. Your scope of awareness is changing. Your perception of your world is shifting.

Just because it’s different than what you knew before, or different from what someone else knows – it doesn’t make it any less legitimate or real.

Your experiences are real and valid.

I’m a logical person, you’re a logical person.

So, the next time you ask yourself, “Is it real, or am I just crazy?”

Follow it up with the question, “Am I still logical and rational?”

If the answer to your second question is yes, you can count on real.

LAST UPDATED: November 20, 2014