How Can I Tell if I’m a Fairy?

Our daughter had just turned two when she was playing in her room and exclaimed,

“I a Fw-ey!”

with great joy. Which, of course, in toddler speak, translates to, “I’m a Fairy!”

And, she’s not exactly wrong.

It’s possible, and very common, for a human that exist on this earth, right now, to actually be a fairy.

By now, you might be thinking I’m a little bit crazy, but hear me out!

As individuals on this Earth, we have a physical body, and we also have a soul, a Spirit. We have physical features that make up what we look like, how much we weigh, what our hair looks like, and the like. These physical features make up our physical body.

But there’s more to us than our physical body. We have thoughts, feelings, emotions, points of view, ethical and moral values, perspectives, life experiences, outlooks on life. These are the things that  make us who we are.

The collective of these emotions, feelings, and experiences is called our Spirit. And when we die, and shed our physical body, the vessel for our Spirit – we get to move on, Spirit and all.

Our Spirit transcends a physical existence, and goes on to live more lives and learn more lessons along its journey.

As our Spirit, our Soul, moves along in our Soul’s journey, we live many, many lives.

The life you are living right now is just one of them.

Your Spirit has likely lived tens or hundreds of lives before now, and will go on to live many more, in most cases.

And when your Spirit, moves from life to life, you, as a Spirit, get to choose whichever existence you please for the next life you live. Your Spirit chooses lives based on what types of lessons it needs and wants to learn in order to progress as a Soul on a journey.

Sometimes, your Soul has lessons to learn as a human. Sometimes, not.

You can choose any number of existences as a Soul.

Fairy is a type of existence. Just as is plant, animal, human, faun, unicorn, gnome, etc. Fairies live in the Earth Realm, alongside humans, but generally without physical bodies like humans have, which is why, most times, we can’t see them with an untrained eye. We can’t always see Fairies, but they’re right beside us. They have an existence.

Your Soul can choose to exist as a Fairy as many times as it likes.

So, right now, you’re a human – but in previous lives, who knows how many, it’s likely you’ve been a Fairy at least once.

What if you’ve been a Fairy more times than you’ve been a human, or anything else for that matter?

That means that your Soul, your Spirit, most strongly connects to Fairy. You feel most like a Fairy, because the largest proportion of your lives, have been lived as a Fairy.

The vast majority of your experiences, have been fairy ones. You’ve mostly felt fairy emotions, had fairy perspectives, and viewed the world, through the eyes of the fairy, more times than you have not.

Basically, you are a Fairy Soul, currently living as a human.

But how can you know for sure if this is what’s actually going on?

Let’s go over some tell tale signs that your Soul is primarily connected to the Fairy Realm!

How can you tell if you're a Fairy on Earth? Get the 14 top signs <3

14 Signs That You are a Fairy

  • You’re always around people that need cheering up

  • You’re very curious and are interested in learning more about most things

  • You’re easily distracted and move from task to task quickly

  • You find yourself easily caught off guard, by beautiful, shiny, colorful things – like a beautiful mug or colorful leaves.

  • You have a natural tendency to pull out the silver lining and positives of every situation

  • You can see the beautiful and caring nature of most people

  • You frequently interrupt others with news or thoughts that excite you

  • You always notice and remember the things that would bring your friends and loved ones the most joy, especially when shopping or out and about

  • The presents you give are carefully chosen for each person and catered to their loves and interests

  • You are saddened by embarrassing or sad things that happen to animals you haven’t met or don’t know personally

  • You talk to and about plants and animals as if they are human

  • You find ambient and mood lighting to be really important for each occasion

  • When you step outside in the late afternoon, you always notice the glow of the sun as it filters to the ground

  • You see flashes or sparks of light, inside or out (other Fairies)

That’s a short list of signs that your Soul is mostly connected to Fairy. In this life, even though you aren’t physically embodying a Fairy right now – that doesn’t mean you still aren’t one.

Remember, your physical body is a vessel, it’s your Soul and Spirit that matter. And yours, is a Fairy.

That means you can still connect to the Realm of Fairy, if you want you – they’d be happy to get reacquainted with one of their own! 

With love from a fellow Fairy Soul,

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LAST UPDATED: November 12, 2014