How can I tell if I’m being energetically attacked?

Anything that you can do to someone with your physical body, can also be done with your Spirit.

Any punch, any stab, any grabbing, any strangling, any choking that can occur between one physical body to another physical body, can also occur between two Spirits.

This is the basis for an energetic attack, spiritual attack, or psychic attack. These are all words for the same phenomena. The attack of one Spirit to another, perpetrated by energy.

We all have a Spirit that currently occupies our physical body. Our spirit is made of energy and our physical body is made of energy. The composition of the entire universe is energetic.

So, when our Spirit lashes out on another, this is an energetic action taken by our Spirit. One that can be felt with our physical body, which is also made of energy. Learn more about that here.

Imagine that you have just broken up with a romantic partner and then each of you returns to your perspective physical residences. You broke up with them, and when they get home, your ex-partner begins to feel angry, upset, begins to question why, and wishes that you would just take them back. These are thoughts, a component of the Spirit. Not physical in nature, yet these are projections of their Spirit, their Soul, that are being sent your way.

Back at your place, your chest starts to hurt.

How can I tell if I'm being energetically attacked?

What’s happening here?

Your ex-partner is energetically attacking you, not intentionally and likely with no idea that this is happening, but their Spirit is sending an onslaught of energy (in the form of thoughts and wishes) to your Spirit – pounding on your Heart (chakra) for you to open it again.

Why could you feel it? Because thoughts have energy, and your physical body is made of energy. So while the energy came in your direction in a spiritual sense, it’s energy all the same. Energy is a core component of your physical body and has the ability to cause a change in either sphere – physical or spiritual.

In this case, spiritual energy (thoughts) were sent your direction, and the impact of that energy was felt via a comparable shift in energy in your physical body.

Energy incoming is almost indiscriminate in how it’s felt and what it impacts. Energy is energy and can affect you in a spiritual sense and a physical sense.

In a Spiritual sense, you may start to question the breakup, and if you were too mean and if you should take them back. The collective energy of their thought is now in your space, and you are beginning to feel it spiritually, in having these thoughts.

In a physical sense, it may manifest as sensations of pain, throbbing, or even coughing up phlegm. . . suddenly.

But! Energy can attack even if you haven’t just finished breaking up with someone.

An energetic attack can happen at any time that someone is angry, upset, wondering, questioning, or otherwise thinking about you and sending you their energy. Likewise for you to someone else.

And it’s worth mentioning here that an attack doesn’t always mean “bad” or “negative” energy, it just means “a lot of energy is being sent your way from someone (or someones) else’s Spirit.”

In any case, a lot of energy being sent your way all at once, can be felt physically. A physical feeling is the most common way to know that you’re currently being energetically attacked.

It’s the most perceptible by you and the most noticeable. We’ll almost always notice right away if we suddenly feel physical pain or illness. This is an evolutionary adaptation related to your peripheral nervous system. A reflex, if you will, to notice something out of alignment with ideal state, otherwise known as a deviation from homeostasis, as a way for us to do something to fix it.

Technically, there’s no way for our body to know where the energy is coming from, an energetic attack (a lot of energy coming in) could also be a physical burn that was caused by a lot of physical heat (energy) touching your body.

The way we are describing it here, it’s a lot of spiritual energy coming your way – but can cause physical pain nonetheless.

As a general rule of thumb, energetic attacks can be identified by the sudden onset of just about any physical discomfort through which you did not experience a physical contact with some other catalyst.

Signs of an Energetic Attack

stomach cramps





throbbing pain

chest pain

stabbing sensations


blurry vision



and sudden onset of just about anything physical

It’s sudden onset because generally, that’s how it happens, suddenly someone starts thinking of you and sending energy in your direction.

Energetic Attacks are most commonly felt in the core areas of our body, rather than our limbs, as these relate to our 7 chakras, our 7 primary energetic centers, which serve almost like targets in the case of energetic attack.

If you’re going to launch an attack, Spiritually, why not go for the big guns? The main supply storehouses and stockrooms?

Exactly – these are the chakras.

If your ex-partner wants to appeal to your heart, he’s going for your heart – not your hands and fingers.

You can tell you are being energetically attacked, generally, if you experience the sudden onset of an unpleasant physical sensation. Energy sent from one Spirit to another Spirit can be felt physically. After all, we’re Spirits inside a physical body, and if someone wants to get through to your Spirit, they have to penetrate the physical barriers.

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