How can I turn down my empathic abilities?

Empathy, in the intuitive world, is otherwise known as clairsentience, the intuitive gift of clear feeling.

They’re the same thing though the words are generally used to describe different directions of feeling.

Empathy is used to describe the ability to feel emotions in the physical world.

Clairsentience is used to describe the ability to feel things like Spirits and energy, in the spiritual and energetic planes.

But, because emotions are made up of energy, the ability to feel them (empathy)  falls under the intuitive ability to clairsentience.

If you are an empath, you are clairsentient. It’s a spiritual gift (or a curse, as many often feel), but an ability all the same. The ability to feel something beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, be it an emotion, or a dead person.

Clairsentience is clear feeling of energy. You can feel all things with energy – which is everything, seen and unseen. Pleasant and unpleasant, happy and sad, dark and light – all of it.

But as empaths and clairsentients, there are times when we’re a little “feeling-ed out.” Times when we’d just prefer to stop feeling the energy coming from every direction.

A lot of the time, this happens when the emotional energy we are feeling is lower in vibration, heavier, sadder, or more nervous or anxious, or when we’re in a public place, and there’s just so much energy that it’s overwhelming (sound like social anxiety, anyone?).

So, if you know you’re going to head into a crowded place or you’ve just had too much for the day, is there a way that you can make it all stop?

Is there an option for turning down the volume on the feeling, even for just a little bit?

There is!

Because clairsentience is a spiritual sense, you can put it on mute for a little while or turn down the volume.

In comparison to your physical senses, imagine you were watching a scary movie and you wanted to stop seeing, just for a little while.

You’d close your eyes or squint them closed, so you were seeing just a peek, right?

What about if you were outside and it was raining, and you wanted to stop getting wet, you might put on a raincoat or get an umbrella, just for a little while, right?

Exactly, you would. If you wanted an assault to your physical senses to stop immediately, you’d get it to stop. Either by closing your eyes, or by wearing a raincoat.

You can do the same for your spiritual senses, you just have to intentionally close or squint those eyes.

In this case, I mean that you just have to make an intentional act to turn down or shut off your clairsentience, or emotional feeling abilities, for just a little while.

How can you do it?

Overwhelmed and exhausted? Learn how to turn down your empathic abilities.

Imagine that your clairsentience and empathic abilities are tuned by a volume dial, like on a radio. If you want them to be really high and aware, you turn the dial all the way up, and if you want them to be turn down or even off, you turn the dial down.

It can’t last forever, of course, just like if you expect to operate in the physical world again like you know how, you can’t exactly shut your eyes forever – but it works for a little while, just when you need it.

All you have to do, is close your eyes and say, “My clairsentient and empathic abilities are represented by this volume dial.” (That’s the intention).

Then, visualize the dial and imagine yourself reaching out, and adjusting the dial to your preferred comfort level.

That’s it! You’re done, that’s all there is to it. Adjust the dial to your desired level of feeling, and those abilities are turned down for now.

Personally, I prefer to turn it down, but not completely off. The reason for this is that if clairsentience is one of your strongest abilities, it’s also the one most heavily used by your Guides and Angels, especially in the event of an emergency that you need to know about. For this reason, I prefer low volume, rather than completely off. But of course, the volume level is completely up to you.

There is one caveat to the volume dial method, though. It won’t erase the emotional energy that you’ve already felt that day, or time period in question, and that energy, if you’re affected by it, is likely on or surrounding your energetic body. So, if you’re feeling heavy or energetically affected, even after you’ve turned down the dial – it’s might be time to look to aura healing or deeper energetic cleansing and healing for your solution.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: December 5, 2014