10 Ways Psychic Kids Use Their Gifts

On a dreary Sunday afternoon, my family walked into a large, two-story antiques store in rural Pennsylvania.

As her aunt, my sister, carried my then nearly three year old daughter into the store. They started to walk around together, exploring the store, and my daughter blurted out,

“Where the dog?”

She demanded to know where the dog was in the store, and asked over and over again. There was no living dog in sight.

My sister explained that she didn’t think there was a dog in the store, but then, one of the shopkeepers appeared and said,

“Actually, there is a dog here. He’s upstairs and he really loves kids. Just go upstairs and see him.”

We were shocked. Other customers chuckled and commented that she “must be psychic.”

Oh, she’s psychic alright.

That day in the antique store, she used her abilities to sense and know that there was a dog that lived there and she wanted to see him. We’d never been there before.

Normally, her abilities allowed her to see scary monsters and “bad people.” This time, she used them to know about a dog and demand to be taken to him.

If your kid is psychic, chances are they’ve had some pretty typical psychic experiences, like seeing ghosts, people that you can’t see, sensing illness, or talking about angels, monsters, and otherwise non-mainstream metaphysical topics. They might even know things that they’ve never been told – like that a dog lives in store you’ve never before entered.

Kids can use their psychic gifts to do all the same things adults can, often without knowing they’re doing anything special or crossing any perceived societal boundaries. 

I’ve compiled a list of 10 different ways that psychic kids can potentially use their gifts, out of a zillion different applications – check it out!

10 simple ways psychic kids use their gifts:

  1. Changing their demeanor and emotions appropriately to match the emotion in the environment (getting anxious or stressed when everyone else seems stressed)
  2. Knowing the location of lost items
  3. Knowing about the existence of something or someone in a completely new place
  4. Sensing an illness of someone they’ve never met or otherwise was unaware of their illness – down to location and deciding what that person needs to heal
  5. Identifying the best time to ask their parents for something to get what they want
  6. Seeing spirits – from deceased loved ones, to ghosts, to angels
  7. Talking to spirits and inviting them into your home
  8. Predicting the death of loved ones
  9. Reading how someone feels and asking about it outloud
  10. You know that time when they take you to the absolute brink, when you are about to lose it and drop them off at the firehouse? Then all of a sudden they do something ridiculously cute and everything is fine. This may be kids psychic abilities at their finest – knowing exactly how far to push.

This is just a short list of ways that your psychic child can use their gifts. Each child’s gift uniquely varies and you may notice your child doing more of one specific thing than of another. Simply observing what tends to happen more often can help you in identifying their strongest psychic and intuitive gifts and helping to foster those gifts.

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LAST UPDATED: December 9, 2015