How to Get Fairies to Come to Your House

Fairies love nothing more than to be invited into the home of a welcoming Human.

They love joy, happiness, and compassion, and they know that when they are invited into a Human home, that these virtues are also inherently shared.

It’s very likely, that your home may exist in an area that Fairies also exist.


Because where Fairies live and where Humans live often overlap.

Fairies are a type of Spirit that live in the Earth Realm. They belong to a group of other Spirits that live on the Earth Realm who are called Earth Spirits, such as gnomes, fauns, unicorn, yeti, and a myriad of other purportedly mythical creatures (not mythical).

You also live in the Earth Realm, but mostly in the Physical Plane.

Fairies generally do not have physical bodies and exist primarily as Spirits. They live in the Earth Realm, but mostly in the Spiritual Plane.

The Physical and Spiritual Planes on Earth completely overlap.

As a Human on this Earth, you are a Spirit within a physical body. Your body is otherwise known as the vessel for your Spirit. And because you are Spirit + Physical, you can exist in both places – the Spiritual Plane and the Physical Plane. Fairies are only Spirit right now, they don’t have a physical body, so they can’t exist as physical beings on the Physical Plane.

You see what I’m getting at here? You’re a Spirit, Fairies are Spirits – you can interact with Fairies, on a Spiritual level.

Even though Fairies aren’t physical beings with physical bodies, that doesn’t mean they can’t exist in physical spaces.

They can.

You can think of the Spiritual and Physical Planes on Earth as kind of like building blocks inside a Lego structural base – the main physical space.

The Earth is the main base of the lego structure. As you build, you add layers of blocks. Some of those blocks are physical, solid, tangible things – like bodies of plants, animals, and humans, buildings, and cars.

You can also add blocks of things that are intangible, to fill the space. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, energies, and Spirits, of all kinds, including the collective consciousness.

Both tangibles and intangibles can be used to fill the structural base of the lego structure. Some things you can see and touch, and some things you can’t, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still there.

The Earth is a structural base. It’s filled with physical building blocks like trees and human bodies, but it’s also filled with all the intangible in betweens – like ideas, emotions, energies, and yes, Fairies.

We exist side by side, as tangibles and intangibles.

Fairies prefer to exist in natural spaces. The less disturbed and altered, the better.

So your home, very likely, is a physical building block that sits right beside, or even beneath, an intangible, unseeable, fairy home – or at least, near to one.

And if you want to, you can welcome Fairies inside and invite them to share the space equally with you.

It’s co-existing at it’s finest! Spiritual blocks permeating physical blocks, intermingling, and sharing the same space!

Want to make your home inviting to fairies? Here's how! 

How can you make your home more welcoming to fairies?

You don’t really have to do anything at all to welcome them in. Nothing special, unless you want to.

When you decide in your heart, that you wish for Fairies to share your space – that’s all you need to do. In your heart, lies the intention and the genuine agreement with the virtues of fairies – joy, love, and compassion.

If you do wish to do something special, you can perform an offering ceremony, in which you give a gift to welcome them inside.

Additionally, you can add elements to your home that bring YOU joy. If having plants, figurines, and things that are pretty to look at inside your home not only brings you joy, but also reminds you to live in alignment with joy, love, and compassion – then by all means, do it.

When you welcome Fairies into your home, you welcome their mission into your life – to spread, joy, happiness, and love to yourself and others.

So, how do you make your home more hospitable to fairies?

You already did, by inviting them inside in the first place – by opening your heart.

With love,

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LAST UPDATED: December 3, 2014