How Does Distance Healing Work?

Years ago, I was on the other side of the healer/client relationship.

I’d been working with an energy healer for several months, through in person appointments at her office, when I received the email that she’d been experiencing pregnancy complications and couldn’t see clients at the office for several weeks.

I was given the choice: refund or opt for a distance session.

I had been looking forward to our session and the progress we would make during it, so I was hesitant to cancel, but I was also highly skeptical of a distance session.

I didn’t get distance sessions, I didn’t understand how it would work or if it would work at all, and I was doubtful.

I voiced these concerns, and she assured me that actually it worked extremely well, to a great degree of accuracy, and that most of her clients preferred it because they didn’t have to come to the office AND they received a detailed report that they got to keep and review later.

Having been put at ease, I decided to give it a go and okayed the distance work.

A week later, I received an email letting me know the session had been completed with my attached healing write-up.

I read and re-read the report. I came back to it again and again, even weeks later to review it.

I was astonished by how much of what she wrote resonated with me and how the work that had been done lined up with my own experiences.

From that moment on, I was convinced.

Distance healing sessions worked.

I didn’t know how yet, but they did.

Now, as a healer myself, nearly all of my sessions are done via email, phone, and skype – at a distance. The only people I heal in person are myself, my family, and clients local to me who would like in person work, of which there are not many.

With distance healing sessions and readings, the benefits are numerous:

You don’t have to make an appointment

You don’t have to leave your house

You don’t have to drive anywhere, find parking, and drive home

You don’t have to be stuck in traffic

You don’t have to shuffle around your busy schedule

You don’t have to coordinate a time that only kind of works well for you

and, my personal favorite,

You get a written record of your healing session. You don’t have to rewind and search through an audio recording to go over the points made, all you have to do is pull up your file and refer to it

But, if you’ve never had distance work – it might not make any sense.

And I don’t blame you for not understanding, because I didn’t get it either. If you make an appointment with your family doctor, there’s absolutely no way they can examine you and solve your problem without seeing you in person.

You also can’t get a haircut from a distance, or a manicure, or a facial, or a massage, or teeth cleaning.

Everything within the framework of our physical world HAS to be done in person – there’s no other way.

But that’s where the difference lies.

The services I just listed are PHYSICAL WORLD services. Where the practitioners must work with and touch physical parts of your body in order for you to see results.

Shamanic healings, energy healings, and readings are practices that do not occur in the physical world. The healer or reader connects with your Spirit and Energy to conduct the work.

It has nothing to do with your physical body, which means, that there’s no need to see you in the physical world to perform the service.

Distance energetic and spiritual healing - how and why it works

To understand this, you must first accept and acknowledge the premise that we are more than just our physical bodies.

We have a Physical Body, a Spirit, often called the Spiritual Body or Soul, and an Energetic Body. Technically, we’re 3 bodies wrapped into one package. (Read more about this here).

Medical doctors and hair stylists largely work on the physical aspects of you, so they have to see you in a physical appointment setting.

Shamans, energy healers, and readers work with and on the spiritual and energetic aspects of you.

When a spiritual practitioners gets into a meditative state, however that works for them, they are able to use their spiritual gifts and senses to see, hear, and feel everything they need to know to do the work and perform the reading.

They work with your Spirit Guides and theirs to get this done. Healers can move, manipulate, and heal energy from this space, and readers can connect with your energy and your Guides to gain information pertinent to you now.

For shamans, this happens by way of a shamanic journey, wherein the shaman works within the context of the energetic and spiritual world to enact the healing and gain spiritual guidance.

These worlds are not bound by physical world restrictions of time, space, and dimension. Meaning, they can be anywhere at anytime.

This is how Spirits are able to travel to any place nearly instantly.

A trained practitioner can teach themselves to do the same – to be and connect with where you are, in a spiritual sense, to work with you.

You can conceptualize this any way you want. As a dream world of travel, as time travel, as space travel, as astral travel.

I like to think of it as an aspect of my spirit stepping out of my body and traveling to meet an aspect of your spirit, who has also stepped out of your body. We meet in a neutral place with our Guides, as our spirit selves, and do the work needed. Then, we are both returned to our respective bodies in the physical world. Everyone is still alive and our physical world selves were still functioning, living, and breathing the entire time. It’s a magical, beautiful, thing really.

Distance healing works because the spiritual and energetic world knows no distance – distance is a physical world limitation.

A trained spiritual practitioner can easily maneuver within the spiritual and energetic world to connect with you, regardless of distance.

I, too, was skeptical of distance healing. I side-eyed it and definitely doubted, but I was desperate and gave it a shot.

I’m so glad I did, because now, it’s my preferred modality and the preferred modality of most of my clients.

When you travel to an in person place of healing, this can create several barriers to optimal healing, like:

  • Distraction by new sensory stimulants of a new environment – scents, sounds, atmosphere, and energy
  • Feeling anxious and ungrounded from having traveled to a place, potentially dealing with hostile traffic and parking issues along the way
  • Not being comfortable because you’re in a new place working with a new person you’ve never met
  • Feeling stressed about appointment times and having to be places
  • and more!

Now, compare this to the alternative: being at home, comfortable, with your normal routine and without the anxiety of being anywhere new or traveling.

This is the benefit of distance healing. Not only is it more convenient, in many ways, it can be considered more advantageous and more effective when you take away all the distractants and factors that could adversely impact your ability to be healed and feel healed.

It’s well documented that healing is most successful, even in a medical sense, when you’re in your home environment, or one that mimics home, surrounded by everything that makes you calm and comfortable. The same is true for spiritual healings and readings.

When arranging for your own healing and reading services, what works for one person may be different from what works for you. Distance and in person healings and readings both have pros and cons. It’s up to you to weigh your options and make your own decision, but now you have a more comprehensive view of the lesser talked about option – distance sessions.

Still skeptical? I encourage you to give it a try and then make up your mind. But watch out, you may get hooked!

With love,

LAST UPDATED: August 28, 2015