How I Went From Broke to Making over $5,000 a Month in Just 3 Months

Little known secret: I used to be really broke.

Reeaaaalllly broke.

Like, my family was homeless broke.

In my early days of a healer, I struggled hard. It wasn’t easy, and at times, it got extremely difficult to continue on with leaving my old life as a scientist for my path as a shaman.

I considered returning to the academic world of science so many times. I wanted to give up with starting a business so badly, that I even applied for jobs to return to the life that I left behind.

It was bad.

Then I hit my breaking point.

I decided enough was enough and I was tired of being broke.

I begged God, The Universe, my Spirit Guides, my deceased father, WHOEVER would listen to please show me the way out of eating canned beans.

And they did.

Just 3 short months from that moment, I was earning more than $5,000 a month.

More than I’d ever earned in my old life as a scientist and psychology instructor.

I was earning that as a Shaman, a profession notorious for broke and struggling practitioners.

How I Went From Broke to Earning $5k a Month

1. Soul Healing

As a Shaman, a healer, it dawned on me that I had many past lives where I had been poor and struggling to survive. Healers were often cast out of society to live on the outskirts, healing high society while living in dirt huts themselves. I knew this was true for me. What this meant, was that part of my soul was stuck in this pattern of being broke from countless past lives of abject poverty.

In order to stop the pattern, I knew that I had to get this piece of myself that was stuck in the past back into my soul now, and freed from the pattern of being poor. This is called a Soul Retrieval in shamanism and it’s one of the most popular healing methods – because it works.

I performed a Soul Retrieval on myself specifically to retrieve the parts of my soul that were stuck in past lives of poverty. 

If you’re also a healer (even if you don’t know it yet), it’s likely you’ve lived a similar past life where you were poor and its imprints are still affecting you now. You can heal it, too. A past life healing via a soul retrieval does the trick.

Even if you’re not a shaman, you can do this too with my help – start here.

2. Money Mindset Shift

I grew up in Central New Jersey in a middle class neighborhood, but my family didn’t have a lot of money. My mom chose to stay home with her 4 kids, and part of that meant that we were a one-income family. My mom made our clothes and what she didn’t make, most of them came from garage sales and thrift stores.

Then, once I was out of the house, I supported myself on 2 jobs while in college full time. I struggled to afford things then, too.

The story I told myself about money was one where I “couldn’t afford” this or that, or pretty much anything and it continued from childhood, to young adulthood, to now, where I was a legit adult and I was still believing that I was poor and couldn’t afford things. Because I believed it, it came true. It became my story.

Sound familiar?

To fix this, I had to break down this story and start building and telling a new story for myself. One where I reminded myself of that which I could afford and DID have. This was a daily process, often several times a day, where I had to stop the negative self-talk and replace it affirmations where I reminded myself of the wealth I did have – health, family, and food for that day.

I shifted my money mindset and the story I told myself about money, from one of being poor and broke, to one where I had the things I needed and wanted in life. 

The entire healing plan I followed has been transformed into my From Broke to Baller Healing Program – an in-depth healing program packed with lessons, exercises, prompts, and meditations designed to heal your relationship with money. Learn more about the program & sign up here.

3. Hustle & Creation

It wasn’t enough to just heal my soul and heal my thoughts about money. I had to actually do something about it in order for change to happen to my life.

It’s a common misconception that if you just sit there and raise your vibration, money will flow to you.

Most of the time, you have to actually create the pathways for that to happen in the first place.

You have to CREATE ways for money to flow to you.

For me, I already had this blog and another one, so I started to really hustle and figure out how those bloggers who make money on blogs actually did it. I started posting more frequently to increase traffic, I got ads on my site, and I restructured my services and offerings on the website.

I hustled every day, often into the wee hours of the morning after my daughter was in bed. 

I created ways for people to pay me for what I do, even if passively through ads, and I kept at it.

This manifestation is an entire module in my Healing Program, AND I created a 45 minutes video class where I share all the ways that I monetized the heck out of my website – find that class here

Then, 3 months after I started this whole process, I went from making $0 a month for blogging and healing others, to making over $5,000 a month. And I haven’t fallen below that mark since.

You can do it too!

Yes, even if you have kids and another job.

I had both when I started too, and it was even more a motivation for me to keep going – I wanted a better life and I wanted it bad.

If you’ve already done that and you need help with ideas for money making, follow me on Pinterest!  I like to keep an eye out for side hustles and ways to make extra $$ for my followers and I pin them whenever I see them.  I also highly recommend the eCourse Marketing for Mediums, it’s for any intuitive practitioner looking to build a business.

Seriously, if I did it, you can do it too. I believe in you.

Now, go, build your empire!




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