How-to: A New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

Guest Post by Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

The rising of the new moon is one of the darkest nights of the sky. This moon represents the start of the Chinese and Hebrew calendar months, and in many cultures, the first day of the new moon is considered to be the finest day to begin undertaking any new project or task.

The new moon represents a beginning, a blank slate and a fresh start. The concept of this night moon meaning rising energy and new beginning is similar to the meaning and welcoming of rising of the sun each morning. With the rising of the sun, we have the opportunity of a fresh beginning and a new outlook, each and every day, and with the new moon we have the same, but on a slightly larger scale.

Coming once every 29 days versus once every 24 hours, a new moon day and the following days leading up to the full moon (know was the waxing period), are days in which the energy is building, flowing and increasing. If it’s the growing season, this is a great time to start a garden or plant a seed. Symbolically, with the new moon, we all are given the opportunity to plant new seeds.

As you align yourself with this rising energy, you become united with the energy of the earth, the tides of the ocean and the passing of the stars. You begin to weave your threads of self and intention into the thread of the natural rhythms of earth and sky.

Plant a seed of an idea, a thought, an act or an undertaking during the waxing moon.

The new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle and likewise, we are all offered the opportunity to start anew. Rise each day with a new intention, goal or task to accomplish, for each new moon that passes, you have an opportunity to set out to accomplish a bigger goal, intention or manifestation project.

The new moon is a time of rising energy and building.

To take advantage of the alignment the new moon, celebrate the event with a ceremony of intention.

Do you have a goal you’d like to meet? A project you would like to start?

The time jump into the ocean and begin swimming is now.

Learn about the new moon and how you align your goals to make magic happen with the help of the new moon. Start a new project, a task or a set a goal with the rising, lifting and empowering energy of a new lunar cycle. 

How to Set an Intention for a New Moon

1. Decide what you’ll do.

You can begin any project within the first two weeks after a new moon to take advantage of the rising energy of the moon moving from new to full.  This is known as the waxing period. Your project or task can be to learn something new, begin a book you’ve been meaning to read or to cultivate a new relationship. It can be a house project, a self-love project or a task to find a job that you love and brings your soul alive. It can be anything, big or small, taking just a few days to complete to spanning over a few years.

If you’ve been meaning to do something for a while, but have been holding back, procrastinating or stopping yourself because of a fear – it’s time to jump in with two feet now and make a commitment to new growth, rising and coming out of yourself. It’s time to stand up and move forward.

2. Make a list.

To make a commitment real, bring it outside of yourself into the physical world. Give your commitment, your intention, your goal and your task – a witness.

Write down or speak your intended start of your new project.

On a piece of paper, write down your goal, project or idea that you will be starting and commit to starting it with words. When you write down your project, write that you intend to begin working on it the minute the words hit the page, and then, fold up the paper.

If you choose to speak your new project for the new moon, give an object of the earth, such as a stone, a feather or a leaf the job of representing your project in the physical world. Have an object, such as your words on paper, or an earth object, that represents you creating your new project.

3. Deliver it to the flow of the earth.

The new moon energy is an opportunity for an idea, a drop within the ocean of the universe, to become a part of the Universal energy, the Universal flow. In a new moon ceremony, you are setting the goal that what was once an idea, is now becoming a part of this physical world and manifesting in time and space now. A seed is developing roots and a foundation, growing into a plant. Your project is also growing roots, right here on the physical earth.

To set your new moon intention, give your project a place in the earth and deliver it into the physical world. Even if you haven’t actually started yet, you can begin today – symbolically.

Place your paper with your idea on it or your earth-object representing your idea in alignment with the earth by releasing it into a stream of natural flowing water, or planting it in the soil, in the ground.

Release your idea into the earth and watch, as it becomes part of the Universe.

Once you have your idea, give it a tie to the physical earth by writing it down or assigning a piece of the earth the task of representing it. Then, release it into the Earth, symbolizing it’s new roots, new membership, as a growing, rising and energetically significant manifestation of the world.

With the new moon, you begin anew. You can start today.

With Love,


LAST UPDATED: April 9, 2015