How to Attract More Financial Abundance

The first steps you need to take to attract financial abundance into your life

As someone who works with energy, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is how you can attract more of what you want into your life.

Specifically, money.

In metaphysical terms, this is called attracting more abundance into your life.

Money and finances just happen to be one form of abundant resources that you can have.

When it all boils down, this is what every soul wants – an abundant, happy life. 

Abundance means having a large amount of the good things in your life. 

More happiness, more love, more joy, more food, more heat, and yes, more financial abundance. Less worry, less anxiety, less pain, less hunger, less debt.

Asking for abundance is asking for an increase of all things good, not just money. And when you open your heart and yourself to receive more of any one of these good things, inherently, more things in the abundance category often follow – including money.

More good things, equals more good things. More high energy, equals more high energy.

To achieve more of all abundance, including financial abundance, you have to welcome it all in. Not just an isolated, focused, single piece of the abundance puzzle.

You have to open yourself up to receive more good of everything.

And to do this, you have to create the opportunities for good to be sent your way.

In asking to receive abundance, you can welcome in more than money. And if you ask for abundance, money will often be included, when you welcome in all pieces of the abundance grab bag.

Follow these steps to create more avenues for abundance for yourself – money included!

The first steps you need to take to attract financial abundance into your life.

Step 1. Accept and welcome gifts of abundance

Human nature is to give, give, give. Even if you don’t think you are a giver, it’s likely true that you are. You make meals for others, you work at a job to benefit others, you run errands and do chores for others, you give, give, give, to others.

You send abundance opportunities, to others. And now it’s time to reverse the outward giving, and start creating time and opportunities for inward giving.

Welcome offers of abundance from others. Accept outside offers of abundance. If someone offers to buy you a coffee, accept. If your sister wants to drop by with a meal after your hard day, let her.

When you begin allowing yourself to receive, naturally and without resistance, such as by the small act of accepting gifts, you make way for abundance to easily enter your life.

Step 2. Give back to yourself

Set aside time to give back to yourself.

Find an activity, hobby, or past-time that brings you joy and makes you happy. For me, these “me-time” hobbies include manicures, pedicures, perusing beauty products, and taking baths.

If you enjoy reading, do more of it. If you enjoy playing or listening to music, set aside time to do it more often. This is giving abundance to yourself because you’re setting aside time to welcome in more joy.

In generating more inward abundance – in any form – you invite inherently all other forms of abundance.

Step 3. Create more pathways for financial abundance

After you’ve started getting in the habit of generating more non-financial abundance, welcoming in the entire grab bag, the next step is select certain pieces within the now-complete puzzle you have, to cultivate by creating avenues for financial abundance to be sent your way.

You don’t necessarily have to start your own business or get a second job, but you may have to change your lifestyle in some way.

Perhaps you now search for jobs or educational opportunities that enhance your earning power. You begin to look for jobs that pay more than you have been paid before, and start believing that you’re worth the rate.

Maybe your side hobby or past-time is one that could translate into goods for sale. If you enjoy crochet, consider selling your crafts via local or online avenues. If you grow fruits or vegetables that preservable, you could sell them that one co-worker that’s expressed an interest in your delicious homemade pickles.

Start creating the pathway for more money to actually enter your life by thinking of ways that you can increase your earning power, if even non-conventionally. It’s time to think outside the box.

Attracting more financial abundance starts when you allow yourself to receive good things in all forms, not just money. Then, once you get comfortable with receiving, you can start creating a pathway to receive the money you want.

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With love on your journey,

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LAST UPDATED: January 21, 2016