How to Deal with Freeloader Spirits: 2 Key Signs You Have One (Part One)

Let’s be real. At one time or another, we’ve all been just a little bit afraid of what are known as Attachment Spirits. Even me, until I learned to look at them in a different light.

That different light is the perspective that I’d like to share with you today.

How to Deal with Freeloader Spirits: Shining a Light on Attachments (Part One) 

An attachment spirit, in short, is a special type of Earthbound Spirit who has made the decision to attach themselves to a living person, for the purposes of using their energy to exist, to carry out their earthly desires. As now Spirits, they are generally no longer able to engage in these activities without a body. Think: eating, drinking, human interaction.

Non-living Spirits need energy to exist, just like we do. While we obtain energy from food, from water, and from Source – Earthbound Spirits, still existing here on Earth have no way to intake food and water and have no connection to Source energy (the Light).

They need another avenue of energy acquiring.

In most cases, Earthbound Spirits choose to get their energy from places with residual energy – not actual people, but places where people exist and generate energy, and also places with electronic or light based sources of energy. We’re talking shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, coffee shops, TVs, windows, mirrors, radios, computers, etc. Any place where there’s a residual buzz of energy existing in the environment. Earthbound Spirits, can, and most often do, use this residual energy to exist – they can harvest it and be completely sufficient on indirect sources of energy entirely.

But there’s one caveat that makes becoming an Attachment Spirit so appealing. And it’s the same reason that makes eating your roommate’s groceries so appealing, you don’t have to do any extra work to gain energy. You don’t have to go to the grocery store, put things in your cart and pay for things yourself with your own money.

We can call this process, energy conversion. The process by which you gain materials in which you later intend to convert into energy for your metabolic system to use.

Being an attachment spirit is very similar to being a freeloading, grocery eating roommate. You aren’t evil, you’re just finding it easier for yourself to use the resources available to you, even if they aren’t yours, per se.

Acquiring energy as an Earthbound Spirit is simply easier if you are attached to someone that’s already doing all the energy acquiring for you. Just like acquiring energy as a roommate is easier if you are living with someone that reliably buys groceries. It doesn’t mean it’s fair, or righteous, or even a valid or ethical method of energy attainment – but it is easier for the freeloader, simple as that.

This is why I’d like to now refer to Attachment Spirits as Freeloader Spirits. It’s less nefarious sounding, and paints a nicer depiction of what is actually going on most of the time.

No one is being evil or creepy, in most cases, just some individuals are looking for an easier way of life (or non-life, in this case), not taking into consideration the feelings of the roommate, which they likely have not considered whatsoever.

Your freeloading roommate isn’t stealing groceries to be intentionally mean or a jerk, they’d just rather lounge on the couch while you did all the hard work of grocery shopping and stocking the fridge. And really, who wouldn’t?

It’s just that most of us, consider the feelings and perceptions of the other individual in the relationship. Some people don’t, for whatever reason, and these are the freeloaders. The individuals that see no problem whatsoever in just drinking a little of your juice…you have so much of it you won’t even notice!

A new way of thinking about Attachment Spirits, as freeloading roommates. How can you tell if someone is stealing your juice?

Freeloaders exist in Spirit, just as they do on Earth.

And now, two key questions remain:

A. How can you tell if someone is stealing your groceries? (AKA, how can you tell if you’ve got an attachment hanging around?)

B. And what can you do to prevent grocery theft in the first place? (In Part Two of this post).

Let’s answer question A, first.

  • How can you tell if someone is stealing your groceries?

  • How can you tell if you’ve got an attachment hanging around?

1. Lethargy

While we’re not dealing with groceries, this one isn’t as hard to identify as it sounds. If you went to the refrigerator to get orange juice in the morning, and it wasn’t there, when you knew for a fact you had a full bottle the night before, you would know there was only one culprit. Your freeloading roommate.

What about if you were paying for internet, and then realized your connection was unusually slow, as if someone was streaming movies on your dime, and it wasn’t you? Freeloading roommate, again.

These are both ways in which you are LOSING resources. In the case of the orange juice theft, you’re noticing that a place in which resources existed and were well stocked – is now empty. No more orange juice resources, thanks to your roommate.

With the internet, your resource supply isn’t empty, but it’s moving at a much slower pace. Your connection is lethargic, you might say.

The primary way to tell if you have an attachment, the most common way, in fact, is if you notice a considerable change in your energy level. Are you more tired than before? Do you feel unusually lethargic with no clear explanation? Would you describe your new state as feeling drained? As if there’s some mystery drain on your resources?

If you’ve been religious about cord cutting and calling your energy back at the end of the day, which are other potential areas of energetic resource drains, the next thing I’d consider, is that you’ve got a potential Freeloader Spirit on your hands.

2. Sudden Illness or Behavioral Change

What if your grocery stealing roommate contracted a contagious illness, or suddenly came home with a bad attitude? If that illness or attitude shift persisted, it would likely start to rub off on you too, you might get the same illness or adopt the same nasty attitude.

Your friends and family, would likely notice, and if they didn’t ask you directly, they might wonder in silence, “What happened to so and so? They used to be so happy/healthy, and then something changed. I wonder if everything is okay.”

How to Deal with Freeloader Spirits: Shining a Light on Attachments (Part One)  

You and your freeloading roommate share the same space and energetic resources (food, in the context of the example), and in doing so, there’s a sharing of energy. Auras are overlapping, energy, attitude, and even, physical properties such as health, are now able to transfer between the two of you. Illness is spread, bad attitude is shared.

So, if you find yourself sick with a persistent illness, or going through life with a different attitude, the presence of a Freeloader Spirit may be the cause.

Not to worry, however, because there are ways that you can prevent attachments altogether. You can learn how you can remove a freeloader should you find yourself dealing with one. In other words, you can learn how to you lock your fridge and kick your roommate out. In part two of this post, we’ll discuss exactly how to do it. Stay tuned!

With light on your journey,

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LAST UPDATED: June 4, 2014

A new way of thinking about Attachment Spirits, as freeloading roommates. How can you tell if someone is stealing your juice?