How to Deal with Freeloader Spirits: Preventing and Removing Attachments (Part Two)

In the Part One of this post, we covered a new way to think about Attachment Spirits. Instead of viewing these individuals as nefarious, energy stealing, sickness inducing, zombie leeches, these individuals are exactly like your grocery stealing roommates. Harmlessly stealing your juice, thinking you won’t notice, because they’re too lazy to go to the grocery store themselves.

How to Deal with Freeloader Spirits: Shining a Light on Attachments (Part Two). Preventing and Removing Attachments. 

No evilness. No malintent. No devious plan of taking you down to the underworld. Just a guy, lounging on the couch, eating your bagels while you do the grocery shopping.

Drinking your juice because it’s simply easier than buying his own juice.

He’s harmless, really, and has no idea how much of a drain on your resources he’s causing just by drinking your juice. He isn’t really aware that you have a limited grocery budget, and only so money income with which you can obtain your energetic resources.

He doesn’t have groceries right now, and you do. Just as Earthbound Spirits don’t have bodies right now, and you do. And your freeloading roommate may even postulate that it’s not a big deal, because A. you have a whole carton of juice and won’t even notice it’s gone, and B. when he gets some juice of his own, he’ll pay you back.

In terms of Freeloader Spirits, as I’m now calling Earthbound Attachments, this is the exactly the thought process. That you won’t even notice, and they’d provide juice to you in return, if they could, but for now, they don’t have any juice.

In any event, you’re losing juice that you purchased on a limited budget. You are losing vital resources of energy that you need to complete tasks, wake up in the morning and go to work. Energy that you need to eat, sleep and be well. Essential life force that was given to you to complete your soul’s purpose. And you need to preserve it for your own purposes – after all, it might be the only energy sustenance you get all day!

In this post, we’ll cover two scenarios:

1. What can you do to prevent freeloaders from stealing your groceries?

(AKA how can you prevent attachments spirits from latching on in the first place?)

2. What can you do to stop your freeloading roommate from drinking your juice?

(AKA how can you remove an attachment spirit that’s already present?)

Let’s get started!

Preventing and Removing Attachments

Scenario 1.

What can you do to prevent freeloaders from stealing your groceries?

(how can you prevent attachments in the first place?)

How to Deal with Freeloader Spirits: Shining a Light on Attachments (Part Two). Preventing and Removing Attachments. 

Essentially, to prevent attachments, we’re going to put your energy and resources up higher and out of their reach. We’re going to put your groceries on a high shelf, with a lock, that your roommate does not have access to. Only you will have access to your groceries from now on, so any roommate that moves in, after this one moves out, and any individual at all, for that matter, won’t have access to your resources.

The spiritual way of doing this is through surrounding yourself in and becoming Divine Light.

In doing this, you and everything associated with you as an individual, gets elevated to such a high vibrational level, that no one outside of this high vibrational plane has access to.

The primary way to prevent freeloading spirits from stealing your resources, is through raising your vibration.

Those with higher vibrations, with Spiritual love and compassion coursing through their veins, they have fridges completely stocked of endless groceries and resources, that they have absolutely zero need or desire to tap into yours. These are individuals of Light, both living and non-living, who have access Source Energy at all times, endless amounts of orange juice of their own, that there’s simply no consideration of taking someone else’s orange juice. Imagine the most loving and supportive person you know – perhaps this person is you – and this is someone with access to Source Energy.

How can you Become and Incorporate Divine Light into your Life?

You can make a lifestyle choice or incorporate a brief meditative act.

As a lifestyle choice, all you need to do is choose the path of the Light. This is a daily choice that involves you waking up each morning, deciding to be happy, loving, and compassionate. Deciding to live your life’s purpose each day. Engaging in moments that allow you to feel love and happiness throughout the day.

In choosing the path of the Light each day, you are nearly always protected from grocery stealing roommates, because your groceries are always stashed away on a high shelf, out of reach.

The second option, involves calling down, and surrounding yourself in Divine Light. You would use this method at times when perhaps, you are spiritually going away on vacation. Times when you are preparing to not be home for awhile, when you are taking an overnight trip or taking a weekend away at the camper. Spiritually speaking, these are times when you are not expecting to be completely on guard and engaging in Light boosting activities, such as when you are having a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, or when you are feeling sick, angry, sad, or irritated. These are times when you aren’t totally paying attention, and your groceries may fall off the shelf with no one there to pick them up. During events, scenarios and interactions where you may have ‘lower’ energy, this is a time when you can ask for Spiritual Protection from the Divine Light. You can ask for a little extra barrier, to ensure your groceries (your energy) stay high, elevated and protected – out of reach.

And this extra barrier, is a Divine Light bubble. That you personally can call down and surround yourself in, as an extra Light boost. A little ledge on your grocery shelf, preventing them from falling in case of an earthquake, and being pillaged by hungry roommates.

Ask your Guides for Help

You have Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones on the Other Side. Other individuals with groceries on the same high shelf as yours. Neighbors at the coffeeshop. While you go to the bathroom, or go spend the night away, ask them to watch your groceries. Make sure your resources are in the same place that you left them when you return, up high on that nice, shiny shelf.

If you are anticipating a time where you may be off your guard, or are experiencing a current time where you are feeling less than optimal, ask your Spiritual Support Team to help watch your things, your back and your energy. They’d be happy to.

Sure, they’re already checking on you, seeing how you’re doing and checking on the condition of your shelf, seeing if you need more juice, but by specifically asking, you’re giving them a specific task. You’re saying to your neighbor at the coffee shop, “Hey, would you mind watching my stuff while I go to the bathroom?” They’re already keeping an eye on it, but now, they’re keeping an extra keen eye. On alert because you specifically asked.

All you have to do, is put in a request. Write a note or say it outloud, “Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones – can you make sure my resources stay on the shelf, and if some of my things fall down, can you pick them up and make sure no one takes it?” Simple as that. Now you’ve got orange juice guards.

Scenario 2.

What can you do to stop your freeloading roommate from drinking your juice?

(AKA how can you remove an attachment that’s already present?)

Tell them to stop. No really, tell them that you know they’re drinking your juice and they need to stop immediately. You have a limited budget and can’t afford to buy their juice (to support their energy needs), in addition to yours.

Address them directly, and say, “Stop stealing my resources, I need these.” Written as note or spoken aloud. Though, I think we can all agree that writing a message on your roommate’s white board could easily be ignored by your roommate and claimed as not seen, while if you spoke to them directly, there would be no mistaking your demand. Loud and clear – stop stealing my groceries.

If, you find yourself dealing with a difficult Freeloader Spirit, one that keeps zapping your energy, sneakily, after you’ve already told them to stop, you may need a mediator. Someone to assist you in getting your point across. The mediator that you need to see is an intuitive practitioner experienced with removing and crossing over Freeloader Spirits, experience kicking out freeloading roommates. In most cases, this practitioner is a healer, a shaman. 

The benefit of dealing with a Freeloader Spirit, is that you always have a roommate willing to see a mediator – they don’t have a choice! They follow you wherever you go, and if you go to a professional, they do too.

With love your journey,

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LAST UPDATED: June 6, 2014

Preventing and Removing Attachments