How to Heal from Burnout

I have a problem.

If you’ve seen my recent YouTube video where I talk about karmic patterns, I share with you that I’m no stranger to over-working.

Being driven to overwork has helped me to build a successful business as a healer, but it’s also caused some serious problems along the lines of physical burnout.

Yep, I’ve pushed myself to exhaustion a time or two and I’ve dabbled in the dangerously sick as a result.

The good news is that because I’ve been there, I’m now pretty much an expert in healing from burnout, exhaustion, and overwork.

I’m writing about this now to share with you the most important pieces of my burnout healing plan.

How to Heal from Burnout

1. Stop Working

For real. Stop. PUT IT DOWN. Chores and work at home also count as work. If the house won’t burn down and people won’t die if you skip it, it’s non-essential. Which means, you need to take a break from it for at least 72 hours. A full week may be necessary in more serious cases.

Close your computer. Stop feeling compelled to sweep. Stop picking up toys. Call in sick if you need to (because YOU ARE).

2. Consider bedrest

In more serious cases, this may be actually necessary, especially if you’re noticing physical symptoms of burnout and exhaustion. Your body needs space and more importantly, rest, to heal. If you’re a compulsive worker, you may need to force yourself to a bed in order to stop working. Do not take it lightly if you’re burntout, prescribe bedrest for yourself and take it seriously.

3. Make time for you

If you’re burnt out, it’s because, on some level, you’ve been ignoring your body’s signs that you need to stop, chill, and rest. You haven’t been making time for yourself and prioritizing yourself and your own needs.

If you’re not used to doing this and making time for yourself, you’ll need to be trained out of the pattern of continually working at the expense of yourself. You’ll need to learn how to pamper and nurture yourself. 

Great news! There’s an awesome eCourse that I highly recommend made by ex-burnt-out-midwife and healer, Nicole of Create with Soul designed for just this purpose. The MOTHER YOURSELF eCourse is a 30 day journey of self care, pampering, and self-nurturing. This course is THE BOMB. No, I’m not paid in any way to say this – it’s just THAT GOOD. Check it out here.

But, if overwork is a seriously embedded-in-your-DNA problem for you, you might need to take things to the next level and . . .

4. Release the Karmic Pattern

Overwork and burnout can be a pattern that has existed in you for more than just this lifetime. I’m talking past lives. If you’re facing this problem now, it’s very likely that you’ve had tens if not hundreds of past lives where you’ve worked to the point of exhaustion, and you may benefit from working to have this karmic pattern released. A karmic pattern is a pattern that has existed with your soul for many lives. For more information on karmic patterns, check out this video by my colleague and Karmic Pattern Specialist, Laura Biddle of Roots for Wings Healing.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Laura in one of her Core Pattern Clearing Sessions, and she is amazing. I can personally vouche for her skill as a healer. Laura specializes in clearing Karmic Patterns – if your pattern of burnout is strong, I definitely recommend seeing a specialist like Laura.

5. Don’t Punish Yourself

After you’ve burnt out and you’ve started to work through the process of healing, don’t punish yourself if you catch yourself overworking and following the same pattern that led you to burnout in the first place. Use that opportunity of recognizing yourself heading towards burnout to pause, and make a different choice.  To CHOOSE to put down the laundry basket. To CHOOSE to take a bath instead of doing dishes. To CHOOSE to sleep in instead.

6. Give Your Body What It Needs to Heal

Pizza is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I agree. But, it’s not exactly fuel for healing the body on an inner level . . . at least not physically. Your body needs nutrients to heal from burnout, overwork, and exhaustion. Because even if you aren’t feeling the physical effects, your body is hurting and needs a little TLC.

I’m not saying you can’t treat yourself and to never eat pizza, because that’s not something I even personally do. But, what I AM saying is that you may want to consider making modifications to your diet so that your body is getting the nutrients it needs from the plant and food based sources that provide the nutrients directly. More fruits and veggies, y’all, that’s all it is. Drink a fresh pressed veggie juice. Have a salad for lunch. Eat fruit as snacks. Give your body those nutrients, as much as you can.

And that’s it. Those are my insider secrets for healing from overwork, burnout, and exhaustion.

From one burnout survivor to another –  I feel you. It gets better.

Now, go get in some jammies, watch some netflix, and relax.

With love,