How to Remove Negative (Foreign) Energy

During the day, each and every one us picks up on the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of others.

Because everything that exists is made of up energy, we can think of these things as energy.

Anything that you pick up that is not of your own creation, we collectively refer to them as “foreign energy.” Any emotion, thought, physical pain or feeling that you sense during the day that is not yours is simply a foreign energy.

Emotional energy is frequently given labels like negative or positive energy, and these energy types actually represent positions on a spectrum of energy of human emotion.

Low vibrational energy is often called negative energy and includes emotions like anger, hostility, sadness, fear, guilt, and resentment.

High vibrational energy is often called positive energy and includes emotions like happiness, joy, compassion, and love.

High or low, if it doesn’t come from you, it doesn’t belong to you and we call it a foreign energy.

Foreign emotional energy from others can affect how you feel, often making you feel worse.

Because of this, It’s best to remove this foreign energy from you before it has a chance to change your mood, emotions, or health.

Ideally, the key to removing foreign energy is knowing WHEN an energy, an emotion you’re feeling, or a thought you’re having does not belong to you. That way, you can know instantly when you’ve been affected by someone else’s energy and you can remove it ASAP.

Even if you’re not quite sure, you can pretty much err on the side of having foreign energy attached to you that needs to be removed.

It happens all day long, especially if you’re more sensitive to energy and if you work in and around other people.

To remove foreign energy from your energy field, all you need is a few minutes to perform a quick visualization meditation, outlined below.

Then, once you’ve got the hang of it, you can perform this exercise whenever you’re feeling the effects of low, stuck, or negative energy!

How to Remove Foreign Energy

Step 1. Complete a Grounding Meditation

This is the first step to any spiritual healing practice. Removing foreign energy is an act of healing yourself, energetically and spiritually. Get basic instructions for grounding here, and get my daily grounding and clearing meditation here.

Step 2. Visualize your Energy Field (Your Aura)

After you’ve completed a grounding meditation, you are ready to visualize your energy field. Seated in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and imagine your energy field.

Free yourself to not only see your energy field, but sense it, and use your knowingness to identify your energy field. It may have a color, take note of what that color is.  If you aren’t sure, feel free to assign it the first color that comes to mind.

How far away from your body does your aura extend? Is it only a few inches or is it several feet out?

Next, start to imagine the outside of your aura.

Is one solid color, or do you notice discolorations or objects lodged in your aura? Does anything look out of place? These discolorations or objects are pieces of foreign energy.

Step 3. Visualize Foreign Energy

Take note of the foreign energy and assign it a color if you like – I suggest a shade of grey to black.

Foreign energy can look like just about anything; it appears differently to each person and appearance tends to depend on the circumstance. It may look like small pebbles, rocks, or flecks of dirt. It may look like boulders, storm clouds, or grey fuzzy blobs. It may also look like stakes, needles, or splinters lodged in your aura.

Step 4. Remove Foreign Energy

Still in your meditative state with your eyes closed, after you have visualized the location and manifestation of all of the foreign energies in your aura, begin to imagine yourself removing them, one by one, and dropping them to the ground.

Imagine these energies leaving your body and returning back to the Earth. Using the circulating energy from your grounding meditation, imagine this healing energy collecting the debris, swirling around, and funneling down back to the Earth.

Pick off small pebbles and rocks. Brush off flecks of dirt and debris. Peel away those grey fuzzy blobs. Pull out stakes, needles, and splinters, being careful to drop everything down to the Earth. If you have visualized a grey covering over your aura, imagine yourself throwing off the cloak and letting it fall to the ground. Keep doing this until the last piece of foreign energy has been removed from your aura.

Once you have freed your aura of all debris, take a moment to thank the Earth for accepting the energy that you have shed.

Step 5. Fill the Holes

Now that you have shed foreign energy from your aura, and cleared yourself of any prior attachments and foreign energies, you are ready to begin sealing your aura.

With the foreign energy now released, you might have noticed that there are now holes, perhaps gaping, left behind where the foreign energy was attached.

It is extremely important that you take the time to fill in these spaces in your aura.

To do this, start by closing your eyes and imagining a stream of golden divine light shining down from above you from an opening in the clouds. Imagine this glowing light pouring down over you and showering you with golden light in long streams, rinsing over your crown, and warmly washing over your whole body.

This light will fill in the spots of your aura that are weak, and will fill those weak spots with pure, restoring energy.

Did you pull a stake from your heart chakra? Imagine that light filling in that hole, you are seeing a wound heal before you now.

Did you peel a black spot off of your sacral chakra? Watch as the light pours in, smoothing over, filling in, and sealing off this area.

Continue accepting this healing bath of golden light, as it showers your aura from crown to floor, until all holes and weak spots are filled and healed.

That’s it! You’ve now removed foreign energy from your energy field and healed your aura.

This whole meditation is also available as a more detailed, guided audio track, which you can find here.

Combining the practice of releasing foreign energy, with a grounding meditation, is the first step in healing your own aura. By doing this, you maintain a strong, vital, energy field which reduces the potential for external intrusions and foreign energy from interacting with your aura and impacting your spiritual, emotional, or physical health.

Once you begin a daily practice of grounding and clearing your own aura, you will become to feel more centered, more focused and more rooted in your own spirit and life path.