How to See a Fairy

As a shaman, I work a lot with individuals in Spirit – it’s part of my job to connect with those whom primarily outside of the physical world in spiritual realms.

Among this crew of individuals, are spirit guides, animal guides, plant spirits, mythical beings, deceased loved ones, ancestors, angels, and yes, fairies.

Fairies are spiritual beings that exist in the Earth Plane.

In terms of shamanic realities, this would be the lower world.

The lower world is the spiritual realm that is most closely tied to the physical, earth world where humans reside. (Learn more about shamanic realities here).

Spiritual individuals who exist in the lower world are those who are most closely tied to the physical world and to the earth. These spiritual beings include plants, animals, gnomes, and fairies. Some have physical bodies, like plants, and some do not.

Generally, fairies are spiritual beings that exist without physical bodies at the moment.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t see them.

Because fairies exist in the spiritual realm that is most closely tied to earth, they are often easy to see with our physical eyes – you just have to know where to look.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on how to see fairies with your physical eyes. You can also teach yourself to see them using your spiritual eyes (aka clairvoyance or psychic sight) within your mind during meditation or a shamanic journey.

Follow the steps below to learn how to see a fairy with your eyes.

Learn how to see a fairy with your actual, physical eyes

How to See a Fairy with Your Eyes

Step 1. Identify a place where fairies can be found

To see a fairy with your eyes, it’s best to travel to their home environment and visit when they are most active.

By and large, fairies live forested areas with substantial tree cover. Trees and plants provide an optimal environment for fairies, as they provide ample energy from the earth. The larger the stand of trees, the greater the amount of tree cover, the better.

Fairies are most active in the mornings from 6 am to 9 am, and in the late afternoons, from 3 pm to 5 pm, and again, in the early night hours, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Your best chance of seeing a fairy lies in going to a forested area (even a small patch of woods) during these time frames. If there’s flowing water – like a stream, even better.

Think of where a place like this may be in your area.

Step 2. Visit your location and start looking

Visit a stand of trees that fits the description above, during the time of day optimal for fairies.

Once there, it’s time to look for glints of light. This can most easily be done if you find a stream or a source of water. But, you’ll also see glints of light on the forest floor, in the canopy, on reflections in dew on leaves, or the shimmer of a waxy leaf.

Standing in the middle of the forest, take a moment to look around you. Spin around 360 degrees. You aren’t “looking” for anything in particular when you spin, instead, you are letting your eyes and your mind only pick up on the glints of light that catch your eye.

These glints of light, shimmers, sparkles, or flashes – reflections on water, where the sun hits in just the right way, a shiny beetle, a waxy leaf – these are the physical manifestations of fairies.

Step 3. Say Hi!

Once you’ve spotted a sparkle of light, it’s time to acknowledge. You’ve entered an area that is no longer your home, but the home of a fairy. It’s time to greet them, just as you would greet the owner or the resident of a house you visit.

Even if you don’t see a fairy the first time, say hello! They’re almost certainly there.

Step 4. Open your awareness

In this moment, be aware of your senses.

Soften your gaze, loosening your focus so as not to stare too hard at anything. Be aware of things you see out of the corners of your eyes.

You may feel a buzzing or vibration in the air. You’ll feel it on your skin, on your fingertips, and in the palms of your hands. Fairies are often more easily felt than seen.

If you’ve taken my Healer 1 eCourse, perform your opening meditation so you may more easily open your energy sensing abilities to feel the buzzing of fairies.

Step 5. Try closing your eyes and visualizing

When you close your eyes and visualize, you’re starting to use the psychic ability of clairvoyance. We all have access to this ability and we can all use it, it just takes practice.

While standing in your spot in nature, close your eyes and say to yourself, “If there are any fairies present here today, please step forward. I’d like to meet you.”

Then, visualize and begin to imagine one or many fairies in your mind. They can look like Disney fairies, or not. Imagine what fairies in your spot of woods today would look like, if you could see them.

The image or the scene that you visualize is ACTUALLY what’s happening around you – this is the fairy or fairy group in the woods today. And congrats, you’ve used your clairvoyance!

Step 6. Practice

Keep practicing this technique. Try again another day if you don’t succeed. Fairies have to physically manifest as glints of light for you to see them, and they may not on your first visit. Mind your manners, say hello and thank you, and try again next time!

That’s it! Once you’ve seen a fairy just one time, you’ll be more able to see them each time you enter the forest from here forward.

Ready to meet your fairy guide? Check out this guided meditation to help you.

Good luck finding fairies!

LAST UPDATED: February 11, 2016