How a Shaman is Chosen

A shaman is chosen long before their birth in the time between lives on Earth

Before we are born on this Earth, there is a period in which we exist as a Spirit only. It is during this time that we review lessons from our previous lives and reconvene with our Spiritual Team and Soul Group.

During this time, we as our Spirit selves, work with our Spiritual Team of Guides, Ancestors, Angels, and Advisors to plan our next life.

If you are to be a shaman in your next life on Earth, in this life, it’s decided during this time – by both your own Spirit and your Spiritual Team.

A shaman is chosen by Spirit before they are born.

Many shamans have already lived tens if not hundreds of lives as shamans before, so becoming a shaman in this life is about reawakening who we already are and reconnecting with our innate Soul knowledge.

If you are meant to be a shaman in this life, you are already chosen and likely already have the Soul knowledge to guide you.

But, when we are born into our physical life, all past life memories are typically erased and our soul’s plans are unknown to us.

Throughout life, we may remember bits and pieces as deja vu or through meditative experiences. By and large, however, we forget because we have to.

Not all lessons we’ve planned in this life are filled with joy and happiness. If we knew about the painful and difficult ones, we might not go through them.

Becoming a shaman in this life is a reawakening process. A reconnecting with your Soul’s path.

To get there, may lie some difficulty.

You must strip away all that is not in alignment with your Soul’s path. This can mean losing relationships, ideas of who you thought you were, and surviving periods destitution where you are alone with just you.

This awakening period is also known as the shamanic initiation.

It’s only through this process that someone who is chosen to be a shaman becomes one.

And it’s different for everyone. What it means to strip down to the bare bones of you, is different than what it means for the next person.

Typically, this involves some degree of trauma. Personal, emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical trauma.

There is an unraveling of all that hides our true Soul’s path and purpose.

Through the darkness, we can see the light of our soul. We can see the illumination of our soul’s path.

A shaman is born a shaman.

The path to awakening, and the age at which this happens, varies from individual to individual. For some, this is in their late teens, for others, mid-late twenties, for others, it does not happen until after children have grown and we are found by ourselves.

Were you chosen to be a shaman? Discover the signs and find out how

How can you find out if you were chosen to be a shaman in this life?

At some point, either before, during, or after this awakening and unraveling process, most to-be shamans are made aware of this path. Either through their own self-discovery or by someone physical or in spirit telling them of their own gifts. There are also indicators and signposts common to the lives of many shamans.

Appearing throughout childhood and young to middle adulthood, these signs can include:

  • Diagnosis with or symptoms of mental illness ranging from anxiety disorders to schizophrenia

  • Several traumatic and life changing experiences occurring early on in life, like extreme poverty, abuse, or death of pivotal family members

  • History emotional instability and easily becoming overwhelmed

  • Noticing your life seems much harder than those around you

  • . . . and somehow working to overcome it all.

These are just a few indicators, you can find more signs in this post.

If you were chosen to be a shaman, you’re already on that path. Every step you make and each piece of your life is a stepping stone on your journey.

What are the next steps in becoming a shaman? Find out in this post.

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LAST UPDATED: June 12, 2015