How to Clear your Online Energy Presence – for More Clients, Better Clients & More Money

Sarah Petruno

Your online presence is an extension of you and your energy. 

If you have a business, social media presence, or are just plain active online, it might be time to consider how your energy looks in the digital sphere.

Maybe you’re really good about clearing own energy field – the one that’s obviously attached to your physical body.

But, not so fast! Because you’re active online, put yourself out there, and have a representation of yourself in the online world, your energy is there too.

Now consider that the people who view your online presence – website visitors, social media followers, family, and friends – they all have energy when they come to peruse your offerings.

And some of them are experiencing low energy feelings when they do that. Maybe you offer a service and they’ve come to you for a solution. Maybe you have a blog post that’s offered a healing message.

When people come to your online presence, they often leave some of their energy behind.

This can cover up your energy, both online and as an extension of you.

The more this happens, the more energy gets layered over your online energy and begins to block the energy you’re trying to project.

Meaning, people may be energetically matching to the low energy all over your online energy, and NOT to the energy you’re trying to protect.

In other words, they’re matching up to the energy of other people and not of you.

This makes it harder for you to connect with your audience, your people, and potential clients, because those who align with your energy can’t see it beneath all the other crap.

So, it’s wise to periodically take some time to cleanse the energy of your online presence. I like to do this about once per month and in this post, I’m sharing my method with you!

Ready to get started?

How to Clear Your Online Energy Presence

1. Find a quiet, calm space. Find a seat. Close your eyes

2. Take deep breaths and begin to center and ground your energy, focusing your breath downward and follow your energy into the core of the earth.

3. Imagine a cord of light flowing from your chest and connection to a giant, glowing orb in the distance. This orb is your entire online energetic presence – social media, websites, pages, etc. 

4. Imagine this glowing orb of light covered in a black, sticky, molasses-like, sludge-y slime. 

5. Then, imagine a bucket of sludge-dissolving divine water being dumped from above the orb, and washing away the slime, rinsing off and flowing down a drain below the orb. 

6. Continue to imagine the bucket pouring water until all the slime is dissolved and gone. 

7. Returning to your body, visualize a stream of divine light coming down from above you, entering your body through your crown, and flowing in a powerful stream out of your chest. 

8. Follow this flow of divine light from your chest to the orb. Divine energy flowing through you is now re-charging the orb with your energetic alignment. 

9. Visualize the orb glowing brighter and brighter until it is glowing like the Sun. 

10. Once you feel like the orb has been re-charged enough, imagine the flow of light slowing and returning to the divine above. Open your eyes and you’re done! 

That’s it!

You can think of this as a starter exercise. Feel free to add more steps as you feel comfortable. I will often change things depending on how the energy appears at the time that I tune in – I encourage you to be creative!



Last Updated: August 24, 2016