How to Create a Path for Abundance

Reaching a state of a never-ending abundance is like the spiritual golden ticket. The golden ticket of life really.

Everyone wants it, everyone talks about it, and the strategies to get there are, well, abundant.

Abundance is a tricky thing. Really, it’s the exact opposite of what most of the western world is raised to believe that we have.

We’re raised on the idea of scarce resources – money, jobs, good education, and high-quality food are considered luxuries that can be hard to come by. Only certain people are allowed great jobs and high incomes. We’re taught we have to compete for limited resources.

And in a way, this is the underlying principle of survival altogether. Only the strongest survive, and the weak perish with a lack of access to resources.

But the world isn’t a caste system. You can, to an extent, make decisions in life to position yourself to have access to abundant resources.

Resources exist, you just have to find a way to access them in a consistent manner. That’s how they become “abundant.”

In early settlement times, this was the idea behind settling and staying in one place to grow crops and domesticate livestock. If you stopped moving around, you could create an abundant food source.

What matters now, of course, is how are YOU going to make decisions to access abundant resources? How can you create your path to abundance?

Think about it like this.

For 20, 30, 40, 50 years, we’ve been trained to think and believe that abundance is hard to come by. We’ve been living in a desert of abundance, with no hope of ever getting it. Completely separated from abundance in all forms – cut off from it.

In the brain, we could say that our neural synapses that create the link to that idea or thought do not exist. We haven’t yet learned and cemented the idea that abundance is possible for us, in all forms.

We have to create the link between ourselves and the concept of abundance. We have to create the path. We have to relearn our ideas about access to resources and build our neural synapses to point to abundance, rather than scarcity.

We’ve been living in an energetic environment of scarcity, and we have to create the energetic environment for abundance in order for it to reach us.

We have to train ourselves to believe abundance exists before we can access abundance.

Much like you have to believe that water exists somewhere in the desert in order to push on to find it.

A 5 step visualization technique for creating abundance in your life - in less than 10 minutes a day! 

How can you do it?

The same way you’d teach yourself any new concept or skill. You have to study it and train for it.

Here’s how:

Each night, for 1-2 weeks, do the following visualization. After that, you “refresh” yourself on the visualization 1-2 times a month, just like you’d refresh your knowledge on any concept your wish to keep fresh in your mind.

1. Sit down and close your eyes

Standing or lying down is fine, however you are comfortable so long as you don’t fall asleep. Ensure that your environment is quiet enough for you to remain focused for 5-10 minutes.

2. Imagine a golden path of light streaming towards you

With your eyes closed, begin to imagine or visualize a streaming, glittering, beam of golden light coming towards you. It starts from the sky above and floats down and towards you like a sparkling yellow brick road of light. As the light gets closer, imagine that the light meets and connects with your chest, your heart chakra.

3. Open your Heart Chakra

Imagine doors on the front of your chest that were once closed, now opening to welcome in the light. Allow the light to flow into your heart and chest, accepting it openly and fully.

4. Visualize representations of abundance filling the path

With the golden stream of light still flowing freely into your heart, now begin to imagine that the lighted path is filled with objects, items, and concepts that represent abundance to you. Food, health, money, laughter, etc., are all examples. Watch and visualize as these things fill the stream of light and accept them openly into your heart.

5. Continue until you feel content

Continue to visualize your stream of abundance for 5-10 minutes, or until you feel full of abundance and content with your visualization. When you are done, simply say thank you and open your eyes.

In completing this visualization many nights in a row, you are a cementing a pathway for abundance to reach you. You are calling it in and reversing deeply ingrained beliefs of scarcity. You’re carving a new path – one that you can use to access those abundant resources. But, before you can reach the watering hole, you have to create a path to get there.

This visualization creates the path to abundance. Get the audio version here.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: July 15, 2015