How to Help a Child Who Sees Ghosts at Night

My daughter can see ghosts. Spirits of all kinds, fairies, monsters, gnomes, and pretty much everything else.

They aren’t always nice. In fact, a lot of the time they aren’t.

And she’s not alone – most kids can see spirits.

As she gets older, she talks about it more often and is able to put words to the things that she sees.

We’re also noticing more and more of her interactions involving spirits and ghosts. (Learn the difference here).

If your child:

  • has a long history of sleeping troubles

  • frequently stares off into empty space

  • talks about “peoples,” “bats,” “monsters,” etc. that you cannot see

  • talks to you about individuals that you cannot see

  • has conversations with “nothing”

  • suddenly gets nervous and scared in public places, often looking down

  • comes running to you fearfully while playing outside with no discernable trigger

It’s likely they can see spirits too.

In our home, and likely in your home too, this can contribute to worries and fears when it gets dark especially, including resistance to bedtime, trouble sleeping, and frequent wake-ups.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help.

In our daughter’s short life, we’ve done several things to help support her and to help her keep the bad spirits away.

If you have a child who can see ghosts, you can help them too.

The list below details 7 things we do and have done in our house to help support, teach, and empower our daughter when it comes to spirits. Many of them, you can start using and trying in your house tonight!

7 tools of the trade that you can learn and use yourself to help a child who sees ghosts, especially at bedtime. 

7 Ways We Helped Our Ghost-Seeing Daughter

1. We always validate

We are very careful to make it clear that we believe in her and don’t doubt her, even if we can’t always see it ourselves. Even as spiritual parents, the individuals and things she sees do not always present themselves to us, and someone has to be navigating the physical world. We can’t always be in spirit seeing space as adults. However, when our daughter points something out to us that is in Spirit form, we are sure to agree with her that it’s there and validate her. What she sees is real, and what your child sees is real too.

2. We taught her how to kick them out

This is part of setting boundaries. Because she is her own individual, she has to set her own boundaries on who she does and does not want to interact with. She has to learn to stand up for herself in the spirit world, just as much as she has to do learn to do that in the physical world. So, when she was just under 2 years old, we starting explaining to her that if she doesn’t like the spirits in her space or if they are bothering her, she can tell them to “get out.” Now, she does just that on a regular basis. Learn more about how we did that here.

3. We use crystals

Teaching your kids that they can tell the spirits to leave is one part of boundary setting. It allows them to set boundaries in the moment. But, there’s a way to set more permanent “do not cross this line” boundaries.

You can use crystals as physical protection and boundary setting objects to enforce a “do not enter” boundary in your child’s room. Because spirits typically enter from the outside, it’s most helpful, and more child-friendly, to place protection stones on the window sills. We used white river rocks and stones that our daughter had personally selected from local metaphysical store to line the window sills. We showed her where to place them (just in a line along the sill) and allowed her to do it herself – this is important, she is the one setting the boundary.

Some stones that would be good for this are: selenite, black tourmaline, granite, onyx, clear quartz, rose quartz and really any white or clear-ish stone, and any dark colored opaque stone.

While there will be some exceptions and some individuals that slip through, using physical protection objects, like crystals, really does help.

4. We sing a protection song

Happy, light-hearted songs boost the mood and energy in the space, which helps deter bad spirits. I wrote a short, upbeat song for spiritual protection that keeps the bad guys out and welcomes the good guys in. We sing it before bed each night – find it here.

5. We talk to her about Spirit Guides and Angels

Everyone has a Support Team in Spirit made up of Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels on the Other Side who exist to guide, support, and protect us throughout our lives, your child is no exception.

For younger children, of particular importance now are Animal Spirit Guides and your Loved Ones on the other side. Children easily identify with animals and if you don’t know who their Animal Spirit Guides are – it’s easy to figure out. Simply look to their favorite animals and/or their favorite stuff animals. Their favorites are often matches for their Animal Guides.

We frequently talk about Spirit Guides and Angels and remind her that she has them and that they will help her whenever she asks.

Learn how to identify your child’s animal guides here.

6. We use a White Light Curtain Meditation

At bedtime, I sit down with our daughter and ask her to close her eyes and imagine a bright white curtain, thick like a blanket, that starts at the ceiling and ends at the floor. I tell her to imagine it as bright as the sun, so she can only see the light and nothing else.

This meditation helps her to block herself from seeing those scary spirits at night – and it helps keep them out, too. Learn more about this meditation here.

7. If all else fails, I intervene.

Sometimes, despite all these efforts, spirits show up anyway. This is especially common if it’s out of the house and there’s not much we can do to restrict their movement out and about. If our daughter gets too scared to tell them to leave her alone, or if they simply won’t leave regardless of everything we’ve tried – I kick them out myself. You can do this too by telling them to leave yourself, and/or by calling upon your own Guides and Angels to escort them out (even if you don’t know who they are yet!). If you know how, you can also use energy healing principles to call down Divine Light and use it to clear them out with a light burst.

There you have it! My list of the 7 things we do in our household to help our spirit-seeing child be less afraid, and more empowered by her interactions with those in Spirit.

If you’d love to learn more about how to support your intuitive child, I invite you to take my 90 minute video class on Parenting a Psychic Child, available here.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: May 8, 2015