How to Identify your Child’s Animal Spirit Guides

We all have a Spiritual Support Team on the Other Side that includes a group of Spirit Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loved Ones.

Our Spirit Guides are our friends, supporters, and protectors in Spirit and they can take many forms – they can be human, fairy, animal, insect, and so much more.

But, the Spirit Guides taking center stage in the lives of most children are their Animal Guides.

These individuals are also called Power Animals and Spirit Animals.

They are your child’s protection, support and comfort in Spirit. And they can be a huge help.

They can help your child call upon strength, support, and bravery at times when they need it and you may not necessarily be around.

Particularly, Animal Guides come in handy during times of sleep and quiet solo play.

Most children can see, hear, and interact with individuals in Spirit. This is normal and expected. But, this means they can also see and interact with Spirit whom they might not want to see or during a time when they might not want to see them, like sleep.

This can lead to a problem and a scared child who may have trouble sleeping.

Enter Animal Guides.

Children have a strong connection to animals. Perhaps it’s their matched innocence or the cuddly comfort a stuffed animal can provide, but regardless, a deep bond exists.

It is this bond with animals that allows your child’s Animal Guide to help them, and while an Animal Guide exists no matter what, the most benefit comes when these individuals are directly asked for help.

Your child’s Animal Guides can support and comfort your child in the physical world, and they can also protect your child in the world of Spirit – a world that your child can likely see.

But, because they prefer not to intrude, like all Guides, it helps if your child learns to specifically ask them for help.

You can teach your child to do this, and remind them that they have Spirit Guides and Animals whom they can call upon for help when they are afraid or in need of protection and support.

But first, we need to find out who these guides may be.

Animal companions and protectors in Spirit - your child has them. You can find out who they are and teach your child that they can call upon them for help whenever they want. Find out how <3 

How Can You Identify Your Child’s Animal Guides?

1. If your child is old enough, try asking them.

Ask your child if they’ve ever seen an animal in their room protecting them, and if so, who it is. Ask if they know or have seen a Spirit Animal. Ask if they have an animal friend who comforts and protects them. See what they have to say – they might already know.

2. Look to their favorite real life animals

An affinity for particular animals is a sign that these animals mean more to them than what’s on the surface. Favorite animals are often indicators of Animal Guides.

3. Look to their favorite stuffed animals or figurines

Does your child have one stuffed animal or figurine that they particularly LOVE more than the others? Take this as a sign that this stuffed animal or figurine is a representation of your child’s Animal Guide.

Take an inventory and write it down. It’s not important to know names right now, just animals. And the next time your child is feeling afraid, remind them that they can call on their owl friend, their giraffe friend, or their elephant friend for help.

Your child will catch on quickly, and soon enough, you’ll hear them reminding themselves that their elephant is going to help them out. And you can rest assured that their Elephant Guide will be there to help.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: May 5, 2015