How to: Soul Retrieval Seminar – Video Class!

How to: Soul Retrieval

a pre-recorded video class on how to perform a soul retrieval for someone else

with Sarah Petruno, Shamana

As one of the cornerstones of Shamanic Healing, the practice of soul retrieval is known to have the capacity of heal a myriad of issues, both physical and emotional.

From cancer to weight gain to profound anger resolution – soul retrieval is considered, by many shamans, to be the ultimate healing tool.

in my healing practice, i use soul retrieval in 98% of all sessions i do for others and in my own life, i’ve completed countless soul retrievals on myself for my personal healing. 

Soul retrieval operates on the concept of soul loss, and that during periods of trauma, stress, and emotional hardships, parts of ourselves can separate from the soul housed in our body at this time.

The parts of ourselves that separate, the soul fragments, can be parts of us that were required for vital life functions, physical processes, and emotional well-being.

When we return these parts via a soul retrieval, we can see profound healing in many areas of our lives.

In the How To: Soul Retrieval Seminar, I’ll be sharing my technique for Soul Retrieval as taught to me by Spirit.

We will cover: 

  • the basics of soul loss and soul retrieval

  • how soul loss occurs and why

  • physical ramifications of soul loss and why it matters

  • tools needed to perform a soul retrieval

  • how to tell if soul retrieval is needed

  • performing a soul retrieval at a distance and in person

  • setting up for a soul retrieval

  • the spiritual and energetic steps required to complete a soul retrieval

  • follow up, after care, and welcoming ceremonies

  • and more!

This is a more advanced level seminar and performing a SR does require some degree of spiritual ability development and a connection with your Spirit Guides. You can come with these developed abilities, or attend and work your way up to it! 


Format: Recorded video class from the September 1, 2016 Live Class
Length: 1 hour 47 minutes of instruction, with 25 minutes of questions at the end. 
How to Attend: Once you purchase the seminar, you will be immediately emailed a link to access the video recording
Your Instructor: Sarah Petruno, Shamanic Teacher

This class was offered live on September 1, 2016 and is now available as a video class! 

To learn more about this class and to get your copy of the video, head on over to this page.