I did a chakra meditation, and now I feel weird. What happened?

When I first started developing my gifts, my strategy involved gently dipping my toes into the intuitive water, with options I deemed safe and mainstream. And I made these determinations by deciding that all the things available at my local metaphysical store at the time were definitely safe and totally normal (Hello, Mimosa Books in Madison, WI!).

For me, this meant cards and crystals.

I loved working with crystals and became fascinated by their countless intuitive and spiritual healing properties.

And because I knew I had the gift of energy healing, I decided to use them to assist me in my experimentations on my own energetic self. Meaning, I used crystals to assist me during my own chakra opening and healing meditations.

One evening, after a particularly intense meditation with some strategically placed rose quartz and amethyst crystals,  I felt weird.

So, what happened?

Chakras are part of the energetic body – I refer to them as the spinal cord, the backbone, or the central nervous system of our energetic body. They are centralized areas of circulating energy that govern and respond to all aspects of our energetic and spiritual bodies.

There are millions of chakras, or energy centers, throughout the body, but there are 7 primary chakras that span our entire body from bottom to top, positioned vertically along the spinal column.

If you too, have started working with your own chakra system through meditation, with the assistance of crystals, guided meditations, or otherwise, it’s important to keep in mind one thing, if nothing else:

You are working to heal and manage your own energetic body.

Let me clarify.

When you work with the chakra system, you work with the energetic body. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your own energy or another person, this makes you an energy healer.

Meditations intended to open, heal, or cleanse the chakras – are intentional acts of self-energy healing.

Feeling sick, woozy, or out of it after doing a chakra meditation? No, you didn't do it wrong. Here's what's going on. 

And because the physical and energetic body are interconnected, you can and often will, physically feel the shifts and changes that you have made in your energetic system. (Read more about that, here).

This means that if you open a chakra, for example, you experience an inflow or outpouring of energy. You released a blockage and opened a door. A change occurred to your energetic body, one that can often be felt physically.

You have an energetic body in addition to your physical body. And because these bodies are interconnected, a change in one can be felt in the other.

A change in your energetic body can be felt in your physical body.

You can feel the the physical sensations associated with the energetic shift. In this case, a chakra healing, opening, or cleansing. If you are someone that is particularly sensitive to energy, otherwise known as an empath or a clairsentient, then these energetic shifts can be felt even more strongly with your physical senses.

Now imagine that the meditation you did was intended to release a weight from the heart chakra, or to remove a third eye blockage. These are examples where energy is released and lifted from you. When that happens, you can physically feel lightheaded, airy, or disoriented.

So, if you did a chakra meditation and now you feel weird – it’s most likely because your meditation was successful and you healed yourself!

Your physical body typically will adjust to the feelings associated with this energetic new-normal, and the feelings from the shift do tend to fade in a few hours, overnight, or a day or two.

Now, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done – you successfully healed yourself!

Congratulations – energy healer!

With well wishes on your journey,

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LAST UPDATED: December 5, 2014