I Am: 110 Card Power Deck Review – How I Use It

Sarah Petruno, Shamana
Disclaimer: The deck was purchased with my own money, but I do earn a small affiliate commission with each use of the coupon code.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve developed a bit of a love affair for the I Am Power Deck, an amazing deck of over 100 affirmations, inspired by the traditional mala and created by @mysticmoons_tarot on Instagram (artwork by @brittburkard).

I’m going to be honest, when I first ordered and received the deck, I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d use it.

I was drawn to the artwork and wanted to support another small spiritual business, and I wanted to see if I could use and recommend it in my own practice and pursuit of self-healing.

And, in the time that it’s been in my home and hands, I’ve fallen completely in love with it. If you follow me on IG, then you’ve probably already seen me fawn over it.

The deck itself is unlike any deck I’ve ever seen, in that it’s comprised of entirely “I Am” affirmations. An affirmation for literally anything – and even the more shadowy parts of ourselves.

I Am Power Deck Review. Photo Credit: Love Light & Legacy. 

The deck comes shrink wrapped and has  7 introduction/instruction cards, 2 blank cards for writing in your own affirmation, and 101 affirmation cards, for a total of 110 cards. It does not come with a guidebook or a case, but you don’t really need either for this deck. I keep mine wrapped with a skinny elastic headband (I know, classy).

If you really want a carrying case for it, there are some amazing artisans out there on Etsy and IG that craft deck pouches, cases, and holders of all kinds. One day I might get one, but for now, I use a turquoise headband. I digress.

I Am: 110 Card Power Deck Review - How I Use It & a Coupon Code for Free US & International Shipping! 

For my DIY I Am card, I filled in the affirmation “I Am Healing,” as a reminder that things are always getting better, growing, improving, and healing.

My review of the I Am Power Deck - how I use it daily & monthly, plus a coupon code for free shipping US & international!

The instructional cards contain suggestions for how to use the cards, including suggested readings you can give yourself, and if you follow @i_am_powerdeck on IG, you’ll see new and fun ways to use the cards regularly.

You can really use these cards anyway, anyhow. There are NO rules. Create your own way, your own spreads, your own style.

The cards are beautiful, hopeful to look at, and centering to read. 

In the time I’ve had the deck, I’ve developed a few ways that I really enjoy using the deck. If you’d like to find out what they are, keep reading! 

How I Use the Deck

1. as Monthly Affirmations

At the start of each month, I pull a set of 3 to set the theme, tone, and intention for that month and I place them on my altar in my office. This way, I see them each time I enter the room, and repeat them to myself as I do. You can see an example of this in my October’s reading on my YouTube Channel here.

I Am: 110 Card Power Deck Review - How I Use It & a Coupon Code for Free US & International Shipping! 

2. as a Morning Ritual

I’m not exactly how or when I started doing this, but each morning/afternoon/whenever I get my day going, I sit down at my desk, shuffle, and draw 3 cards as a series to inspire and motivate me through the day. I then leave those cards out and look at them throughout the day. Then, the next morning, I put the previous day’s cards away and reshuffle.

It surprised me how grounding this was! When my husband’s parents were staying with us, and using my office as the guest room, I didn’t have access them and thus, skipped the ritual. As a result, I felt really ungrounded. Now, I notice that when I don’t do it, I feel less grounded and I look forward to doing this little ritual. I’ve never been much of a ritual person, but this one really works!

I Am: 110 Card Power Deck Review - How I Use It & a Coupon Code for Free US & International Shipping! 

3. When I’m about to get really upset and need a reality check

Yes, Sarah the shaman gets stressed, upset, angry, irritated, and annoyed. When I can feel myself about to spiral into low energy land, I pause, grab the deck, and draw a card. Most of the time, it’s something like “I Am Calm,” or “I Am Love” with soothing AF colors, reminding me to chill and get a grip.

My review of the I Am Power Deck - how I use it daily & monthly, plus a coupon code for free shipping US & international!

Basically guys, I love this deck. I bought it with my own money, I use it daily, and HAVE used it daily for about 2 months. 

My beloved Energy Oracle is my go-to deck for drawing regular reading type cards – but THIS, this deck is my go to for centering, grounding, and self-healing through affirmation work.

Now for the fun part, I partnered with Devin, the multi-faceted spiritual force behind the deck@mysticmoons_tarot and @love_light_legacy, to bring you a discount!

Use the code IAMFREE when you purchase the deck from Love Light & Legacy, and you receive FREE worldwide shipping.

Yes – free international shipping! The code expires December  31, 2016. But, until then, you can get as many decks as you want for free shipping*!  The code is not valid on Etsy and will NOT be honored – only via the shop linked above. 

I highly recommend this deck. I love it. The artwork is amazing, the idea is so original and unique, and it’s completely transformed my day with a morning ritual – something I’ve never done before in my life!

Go grab the deck, don’t forget to use the code IAMFREE, and enjoy! 

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And, you can always search the #IAmPowerDeck hashtag on IG to see all the ways people are using this deck!



*Discount code is only valid on the I Am Deck and expires 2/1/2017.

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