Imaginarium Binaural Beats Guided Meditation Review

When I first began my intuitive journey, I relied on guided meditations to use during my meditation time.

I struggled with clearing my mind and I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, so I allowed guided meditations to give me things to do during that time.

Some were guided with words, some with sounds, and some with both.

The meditation style that I found most effective for me were the ones that were recorded using binaural beats.

They way they work, roughly, is through a different sound frequency being played in each ear, with the difference in frequencies being quite small. For optimal effects, listening with headphones is recommended but not required.

The difference in frequencies creates an interesting perspective effect on the brain, and the brain perceives the “beat frequency” to be that of the difference between the beats.

For example, if the frequency in one ear is 300 Hz, and the frequency in the other ear is 310 Hz, then the perceived beat frequency is 10z.

That frequency is within the range of Alpha waves, the ideal brain state for meditation (Read more about that, here.)

Most binaural beats for meditation and relaxation are within this range, and when you listen to sounds within the same frequency range as a brain wave state, your brain attempts to match it.

And whalah, your brain is in the state it needs to be for ideal meditation.

That’s how binaural beats work, by creating a relaxing experience designed to get your mind in the state for meditation.

And for me, I found binaural beats to be highly effective for meditation.

Even so, for whatever reason, I drifted away from using them in favor of other techniques.

Until I met the IMAGINARIUM Meditation created by Rainbow Bridge Studios.


Image Credit: Rainbow Bridge Studios. Review of the Imaginarium Binaural Beats Guided Meditation.

Image Credit: Rainbow Bridge Studios. Review of the Imaginarium Binaural Beats Guided Meditation.;


A guided binaural beats meditation like none I’ve ever heard, this meditation changed my perspective on what it even means to be a binaural beats meditation.

All previous binaural meditations I’ve listened to, while great, were largely tonally consistent for the 30 minute to hour long meditation. The same beat for the whole time. No complex added sounds, no bells or whistles, just one beat for an hour.

Which is fine for some purposes, but it can get real boring, real fast – and your mind can wander.

The IMAGINARIUM meditation is totally different animal. Patrick Mooney, the creator of this meditation, layers on very complex sounds that change throughout the 37 minute meditation, preventing boredom.

Beyond the sound, this meditation is completed guided with a voice that sounds very akin to a younger, calming and empowering Baz Luhrmann, of 90s “Sunscreen” fame.  

The IMAGINARIUM meditation is designed for you to manifest your dreams, your purpose, or individual goals and intentions. You are guided through spending time visualizing those intentions coming into being and completely embracing what it would feel like when they do.

It is the optimal “getting into the vortex” meditation.

Through the complexity of sound, I could actually feel the opening and activating of my chakras in the beginning portion, especially the Third Eye Chakra. This key alone is extremely important to the manifestation process.

In other manifestation meditations, it can be hard to visualize if you don’t know how and especially if your third eye chakra is closed or blocked. This meditation allows the sound to open and activate it for you, making visualization so much easier.

Throughout the meditation, you are encouraged to repeat affirmations, and vocalize and harmonize your energy with the sound energy of the meditation. For this reason, I would recommend listening alone unless you feel comfortable doing this in the company of others.

The IMAGINARIUM meditation can be used again and again for realigning with your dreams and goals, or for manifesting individual smaller goals, intentions, or wishes.

It’s great for activating the chakras and the energetic body, and as an energy sensitive myself, I could feel it happening, which is rare for me in guided meditations.

If you’re looking to manifest your goals, awaken your dreams, or even just to activate and open your chakras – this meditation will do it and for just $11, it’s a great investment for years of manifestation joy and assistance.

Guided meditation lovers, chakra opening and activating enthusiasts, and goal setters and dreammakers, this meditation is for you.

Click here to read more and to purchase the IMAGINARIUM meditation.

*I was provided this meditation free for review, all opinions and sentiments are mine alone. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

LAST UPDATED: March 31, 2015