Increase Abundance with the Oath of Manifestation

Sarah Petruno

As part of my dedication to healing money, receiving, and earning lacks faced by many healers, I’m always on the lookout for new healing techniques, methods, and tools for increasing financial abundance.

Recently, I came across something called the Oath of Manifestation.

It was first shared with me by Rachael Webb of Soul Star Medicine, and then later, when it popped up again on Instagram, I knew I had to start trying it.

The Oath of Manifestation originates from Agape International Spiritual Center


Increasing Abundance with the Oath of Manifestation from Agape Spiritual Center

The link to download and print the PDF version of this can be found here.

How It Works For Me

Initially, when I first came across it, I screenshotted it, saved it to my phone, and recorded myself saying it with the intention that I would remember to do so. I did not.

So, the second time it came around, I tried something different that IS working.

I printed it out and placed it on the corkboard that I have above my desk.

My method for using the Oath of Manifestation to increase financial abundance 

AT LEAST ONCE per day, I sit down, and a say it aloud, with feeling. Sometimes, I stop what I’m doing while working, and say it again, depending on how I feel that day. 

The beauty of this manifestation is that it works not only for you but for the members of your family, too, if they are open to receiving its benefits.

Within 7-10 days, I started noticing the effects of The Oath in my life. 

A few small examples: 

  1. My husband went to the mall to buy jeans. He found a pair that fit and went to the register, fully prepared to pay the $30 price tag. They rung up at $7 on clearance, and then they were an additional 30% off, so he got his $30 pair of jeans for $4.90. 
  2. That same day, we were driving in the rain when a walnut hit the windshield at full force and speed. I was SURE we’d have a cracked windshield and have the added expense of a few hundred dollars to replace it. NOPE. Just a mark on the glass. 
  3. A few days later, I was out buying ingredients for the homemade dog food that we make our dogs (this is the recipe if you’re interested – it & colloidal silver healed our lab’s allergies). It’s pricey, since it’s raw meat, but, through a series of small synchronicities, I got what would have been $35-40 worth of meat for about $8. 

Did someone hand me $100 with no strings attached?! NOT YET, but I did gain extra cash in areas where I was planning on spending it.

I do use this Oath as part of a larger healing paradigm and lifestyle shifts related to money – but, if you’re interested in shifting your relationship with money, this is a great addition to your practice and a great place to start!




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Last Updated: October 18, 2016