Is It Something Spiritual? Nausea, Indigestion and Upset Stomach

3 Primary Energetic and Spiritual Reasons for Nausea, Indigestion, or an Upset Stomach

Aside from headaches, stomach issues are one of the most common physical indicators that something is going on with you energetically. In the case of headaches, we look to the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. In the case of stomach issues, we look to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The stomach, is the core seat of the Solar Plexus. This chakra, governs all physical systems related to digestion – we’re talking the stomach itself, the intestines, the bowel, and all peripheral digestive areas. Energetically, the Solar Plexus governs core self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, and overall feels of empowerment.

In fact, many people see the stomach as the seat of your personal power.

As the biggest, and most powerful energetic center, the area in which a great deal of energy leaves and enters your body. In my own meditations, this is the area to which I direct clients to call their energy back to, after it has left their body, by imagining a giant, glowing, ball of energy located in their center, their Solar Plexus.

Because so much energy is held so close to physical systems, which have the ability to make us feel unwell, very quickly – energetic and spiritual issues of this area are often made immediately physically apparent. In fact, seconds to minutes after an issue of the Solar Plexus arises, you will often notice a physical feeling of unrest in the stomach.

So, if you’ve ever felt suddenly overcome with a wave of nausea, stomach cramps, or indigestion, it is very, very likely, that this is the near immediate physical manifestation that something is amiss with your Solar Plexus.

Of course, there are many, many other potential reasons that you may be experiencing an upset stomach, but as it relates to the Solar Plexus, these 3 are the most common and cover 90% of individuals experiencing sudden or persistent onset of stomach related illness.

The 3 Primary Energetic and Spiritual Reasons for an Upset Stomach

  1. Energetic Cord to the Stomach/Solar Plexus
  2. Presence of a Light Spirit
  3. A Healing or Cleansing Purge

Reason 1. Energetic Cord to the Stomach/Solar Plexus

An energetic cord is an energetic link that connects you, to another person, place, thing, event, or situation.

Think of these energetic cords as tethers, strings of connection, between ourselves, and others. These cords are created and maintained through our relationships, our thoughts, and our interactions. Any interaction in which we give of ourselves, think about, devote our energy to, or otherwise associate ourselves with, has the potential to create a cord.

A cord is an energetic link. A connection of our energy to the energy of another. A tether that connects us, to someone else.

A cord can go both ways;  you can place a cord to something else, and something else can place a cord to you. Just like you can easily reach out and touch the person sitting next to you, they can also reach out and touch you. Physical touch, with arms, is a physical connection. The same can occur with our energy – we can create an unseen, energetic connection, through the placement of a cord.

Is It Something Spiritual? Nausea, Indigestion and Upset Stomach

Through a cord, energy can be transferred. If a link exists, energy can travel along the cord. It can travel to us, it can travel from us, there can be an equal or unequal energy exchange. All that’s happening here is a transfer of energy – energy in the form of physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

If you are experiencing a sudden feeling of nausea, of cramping, of an upset stomach – the most likely scenario is that someone has, moments ago, placed a cord to your Solar Plexus. In almost ALL cases, this is completely unintentional and the cord was attached by someone thinking or talking about you, as it relates to your confidence, your ability, your self esteem, or value. While it may be a momentary scenario, this could also be a lifetime of thinking about you, or talking to or about you.

It could be a friend or coworker, lamenting about your success and wishing that they could be as successful and as confident as you – in effect, attaching a cord to your solar plexus in an effort to tap into your success energy located there.

It could be a parent or mentor, continually pushing you to succeed and doing it in a way that makes you feel as though you aren’t good enough.

It could be an acquaintance, pondering over how you’ve gotten to be where you are in life, and perhaps feeling jealous of your situation.

In all of these cases, a stomach cord has been placed that is either transferring energy away from you, or to you, in the form of thoughts or desires that are less than beneficial to you. Feelings of ill will and jealousy and not “positive” feelings usually translate and manifest as feelings of sickness.

Read more about cords here and how to remove them here.

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Reason 2. Presence of a Light Spirit

Spirits that have crossed into the Light are inherently higher energy than those of us in the physical world. No longer limited by a Physical body, full of slow moving particles necessary to generate a solid state form, those in Spirit form carry with them the energy that is more similar to a gaseous form – faster moving particles. Higher, faster vibration.

Solid materials, inherently, are slower vibration just by the very nature of needing to be solid. Gaseous materials, inherently, are higher vibration. Individuals with physical bodies are tied to a solid state form, their physical body. Individuals without physical bodies, generally referred to as Spirits, are not tied to a solid state form and are free to entirely take a gaseous, or “Spirity” form.

As perceptive individuals, Humans are equipped with the 5 traditional senses, which can and do operate entirely in isolation of each other. You can feel something without seeing it. You can smell something without touching it. You can hear something without giving it a smell.

With your eyes closed, and with the loss of traditional sight, you can see gain a sensation for everything that you touch. You can smell dinner cooking from the other room, without actually seeing the dish. You know the ingredients, just by smelling them and without seeing them. You can hear a sound, without immediately seeing the source.

Your 5 senses are generally designed to operate in isolation with each other, should one not be available. Sure, there are exceptions, such as the link between taste and smell, however, many aspects of our perceptive system still exist should one element not be functioning.

There even exists a well documented phenomenon known as blindsight, in which an individual can be unable to physically see as a result of damage to the visual cortex of the brain, but through additional pathways, your brain is still able to extract and use visual information from the environment to make decisions based on directionality and movement – even though you can’t see with your eyes!

The point is this:

You can sense Spirit without actually seeing Spirit.

Their energy is higher vibrational, much like that of a hummingbird or a bee in flight. If you’ve ever had a bee fly closely to your ear, even with your eyes closed, you could likely hear the vibration of the wings without the bee actually touching you, and you would perceive that a flying insect had come close to you – without actually having seen it. Similar to this, you can often feel the vibration of Spirit without actually seeing them.

The high vibration of a Light Spirit, is most often, perceived as butterflies in the stomach and anxiety, like you are about to go down a roller coaster or you are having a panic attack.

In an effort to get your attention, Spirit will often connect with you via your Solar Plexus for the very reasons we discussed earlier – physical systems are so responsive to energetic systems in this area, that an energetic perception is quickly translated into a physical sensation for you.

If you are dealing with a nervous stomach, feelings of butterflies, or jitteriness, similar to the feelings you would experience before a big job interview or presentation – then consider that the issue you are facing is the ability to sense a Light Spirit. Read more about this ability, here.

Is It Something Spiritual? Nausea, Indigestion and Upset Stomach. Exploring stomach symptoms as they relate to the spiritual and the energetic bodies. 

Reason 3. A Healing or Cleansing Purge

If you’ve recently gone through a major life change, a big transitional period in your life, have walked away from something or someone no longer serving you – and you’ve fallen ill, the issue you are most likely facing is often not a cord, but a healing, a purge of old energy.

This is especially the case if you’ve made a decision that benefits your well being and YOUR highest and greatest good in some way.

Did you walk away from a job and a work situation in which you were constantly berated and underappreciated?

Did you recently cut ties with a friend that you might consider ‘toxic’?

Did you decide to move in a new direction on your life path, one that will bring more happiness and joy to your life?

In all of these cases, you have made the decision to improve your feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. In doing so, you’ve made the decision to heal your Solar Plexus.

And part of the healing? Involves removing that which no longer serves you. If you were in one of these situations, or others, and decided to leave, it’s a two step process.

  1. Separate from this situation in your physical life – by distancing yourself, switching jobs, cutting contact
  2. Remove the remnants of that connection in your energetic life – removing cords, blockages, stagnant energy

You’re making way for good in your life – and this is occurring on both a physical and energetic level. Taking away the old, and bringing in the new.

You’re receiving a healing and a purge of old energy, in order to bring in new, positive, openly flowing energy.

This is a necessary step of healing and while you can move through this process completely on your own, seeking out an energetic healer can help speed up the process. The physical manifestation of old energy moving out, in the Solar Plexus, most often takes the form of a physical purge. It is generally discouraged to stop this process, as doing so can stop the purge of old energy. Don’t worry though, the process itself, usually takes anywhere from 12 to 48 hours.

With love on your healing journey,