January 2017 Income Report for Spiritual Blog Sarah Petruno Shamanism

January 2017 Income Report

Four months ago, I started compiling and publicly publishing monthly income reports.

Last month, I was ready to quit it all and stop publishing due to money shame and fear of attracting some negative backlash.

But, you were all so supportive, that it helped give me the confidence to continue posting them.

So, here we are for January’s Income Report!

Sharing about money has been a taboo topic for much of my life, and continuing to share helps me to further heal my own relationship with money.

Money and prosperity healing is something I’m continuously engaged in, and right now, I’m enrolled in Jillian Anderson’s Permission to Prosper Class.

As I get more confident in sharing about more, I open myself up to receive more abundance. The universe can trust that I won’t hide in shame and that I’ll show other spiritual leaders and bloggers that it’s OKAY to receive and be prosperous from this work.

It’s okay. Really, it is.

January 2017 Income Report


Shamanic Healer Training Program – $10,671.95
Group Healings – $1,457.00
Online Shop (Books, Meditations, Recorded Classes) – $3,477.33
The Shaman Life Subscription Program – $2,166.60
Monumetric (Blog Ads) – $1,134.82
Amazon Affiliate Program – $86.09
Love, Light & Legacy Affiliate – $34.00
Sivana Spirit Affiliate – $13.80
SendOwl Affiliate – $4.80
Young Living Essential Oils – See Below

Total Income (not including YL) = $19,073.25

Business Expenses

Office Expenses & Software – $404.12
Merchant Account Fees – $577.11
Refunds/Discounts – $857.75
Website Hosting – $20
Subcontractors – $1,149.10
Rent (% of Sq. Footage for Office) – $192.79
Professional Development – $489.59
Advertising/Promotional – $566.94 
Shipping Expenses – $68.64
Office Supplies – $165.55
Stationary & Printing – $72.00
Commissions & fees – $59.64

Total Expenses = $4,698.22

NET INCOME January 2017 = $14,375.03

What Lessons Did We Learn This Month?

January was an exciting rollercoaster-y kind of month for my business. We closed sales on my first ever round of the Shamanic Healer Training Program, which is going amazingly well and I’m so thrilled with students’ successes. We’ve even already started filling spots the next enrollment of the program, starting in August. Yesss!! Huge success so far! The income that you see above spans the next 4 months of the training program for those who paid in full.

I embarked on the project of switching my website over from Squarespace to WordPress, and encountered some hiccups along the way. You can read about those here. (Thanks to Shannon at WP BFF for completing the transfer for me!)

I also learned some big lessons and made some huge business decisions. At the start of the year, I decided that my Word for 2017 was EASE. Making things easier for myself. I’ve been paying extra close attention to how I feel about all of my offerings. I’ve been asking myself:

  • How do I feel about offering this?
  • How does it make me feel to promote it?
  • How do I feel the day that I have to do it?
  • How does it make my energy feel to have this out there?
  • What feels right to me vs. what feels stressful to do?

And questions similar to those. It has allowed me to decide what I am and am not going to be doing going forward.

Here’s what I am going to be doing: 

  • Classes

    Live classes spanning across several weeks. This is where I truly feel my best. I enjoy teaching small groups of students, and I have known this since I was in graduate school. It gives me so much joy and a sense of fulfillment while I teach, and when seeing the breakthroughs had inside and outside of class. I enjoy teaching in a LIVE format. This is where I’m investing much of my energy, it’s also where I’m earning most of my income.

  • The Shaman Life

    My tribe. I love creating and cultivating the material for TSL. It’s also healing to me and it serves as a way to keep ME on track with always healing and bettering myself because I do the materials right along with the rest of the community!

  • Young Living

    I can’t actually disclose how much I’m making with Young Living. During January, I ranked to Executive, but I won’t receive those earnings until later in February. So, I received the December Earnings in January. During that time, I was ranked Star. The average income for someone ranked star is $79 a month. Click here to view the income disclosure and see average/median earnings for all ranks. As far as doing Young Living as a business, I wasn’t sure about it when I signed up and was, in fact, pretty sure I never wanted to sell a damn thing. BUT NOW, my family uses literally ALL their products. From supplements, to oils, to skincare, to cleaning products. I even use them for spiritual and emotional healing purposes and have noticed deep transformations in that area, as well.As I’ve gotten to know more about the company, I am even happier I made the choice knowing that they use non-GMO seed, own all their farms, and are committed to sustainable, fair trade, and pesticide-free growing practices (read more here). I’m in love and if you want to hop on the train (and never be forced to sell), you can do so here.On top of all of that, I really enjoy talking to people about essential oils and educating myself in this way. It provides, for me, a completely complimentary, but non-shaman-y thing to do that keeps me motivated and working, but not bored with life by doing shaman-related things all day every day.

Here’s what I am not going to be doing:

  • Group healings

    I know. This is in direct contrast to what I’ve said before. The February 15th healing will me my last for the indefinite future. I like doing them. But, I do not like promoting them and getting people to sign up for them month after month. The healing itself is only about 45 minutes, and I spend the rest of the time promoting, planning, following up, and in a variety of administration tasks that I do not enjoy. It results in several hours doing admin and promotional work for a 45-minute healing that I do enjoy. SO, the net enjoyment is in the negative.

  • The Online Shop

    I’m not sure when this is going to happen, but the long-term goal is to remove the online shop and everything in it for availability for public purchase. With this, the affiliate program will go. The From Broke to Baller Healing Program is already gone and available only to members of my Young Living Team. It cannot be purchased. It’s hard for me to describe what I don’t like about the shop, because in part, having all the items in the shop has helped my business do really well. But, it’s also really overwhelming to manage and takes up almost all of our customer service time. I want to pull in my energy and refocus it into a select few offerings, listed above.

As for non-business successes, this month, I was finally able to invest in furniture for my bedroom. I haven’t had a dresser in about 3 years and we’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for about 4 years. We are so grateful that we were finally able to get a bedframe (for the first time in our adult lives), a dresser, and nice new bedding. Every single night since we got it, I go to bed so grateful for furniture knowing that it was just 2 years ago I was sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.

Thanks for reading!

That’s it for this month. See you next time!



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