Learn How to Do a Soul Retrieval & Integration Healing


This Course Is Now The How To: Soul Retrieval Seminar And The Self Soul Retrieval Healing Journey Meditation

The Soul Retrieval and Integration eCourse is a 10-day online course where you are taken through the process of your own soul retrieval & integration healing ritual using intentional exercises and guided shamanic journeys to bring the lost parts of your soul back to your being now.

throughout the ecourse, you will:

  • learn about soul fragment loss and soul retrieval, and why it matters for you

  • learn the steps to perform a soul retrieval & integration shamanic healing on yourself

  • meet your soul retrieval spirit guide who will assist you throughout the learning and healing process

  • learn how to retrieve and reintegrate as many as 3 to 4 soul fragments

  • receive daily emails with workshop lessons, audio recorded journeys, and instructions

  • receive 4 recorded guided shamanic journeys to help assist you through the process, which are yours to keep once the course is over. (each 20-35 minutes in length)

  • receive complete instructions for healing follow-up care and continued integration to achieve maximum results

  • . . . and more!

In this course, you will complete a soul retrieval and integration healing on yourself and gain instructions for follow-up care and what to do in the days and weeks ahead to maximize the results of the course.

many shamans believe that soul loss is responsible for all illness and mal-ease worldwide. 

my soul retrieval course is one of a kind in that: 

  • it is the only available online course that teaches you how to do a soul retrieval on yourself

  • you don’t need a see a shaman for a private session

  • you don’t need to travel to a 2-3 day workshop

  • the whole course can be done from the comfort of your home in as little as 30 minutes a day for 10 days

Most Soul Retrieval and Integration classes require you to have taken several pre-requisites and are hosted in person, requiring travel and accommodations, and cost $250-$300 for 6 hours of training.

This course teaches the same techniques, requires no pre-requisites, and allows you to stay at home for the duration of the course – for only a fraction of the price! 

when you enroll, you can start your soul retrieval and integration healing immediately. this course occurs in an ecourse format, in which materials are emailed to you each day for the 10-day duration of the course – for you to complete on your own.

Designed to heal trauma, pain, and hurt caused by soul loss, the Soul Retrieval and Integration eCourse is a 10-day, online, eCourse with written exercises and guided journeys to take you through the process of performing your own soul fragment retrieval & integration healing ritual. 

soul retrieval & integration ecourse

an ecourse shamanic practice and self-healing

**Closed for enrollment**

This Course Is Now The How To: Soul Retrieval Seminar And The Self Soul Retrieval Healing Journey Meditation