Linking the Throat Chakra and Congestion

Stuffiness, congestion, and sinus pressure is on a physical level, the result of one thing: a build up and stoppage of mucus and fluids through the area. This is a stagnation of fluid through the sinus system, where when a stagnation is prolonged, an infection may occur.

On an energetic level, this equates directly to a stagnation of energy flow through the throat chakra.

Your energetic system is interlinked with your physical system, and a stagnation in one system, almost certainly, represents a stagnation in the the other system. Your physical body and your energetic body are yin and yang. Interconnected and interlinked, inseparable. After all, a change in your physical system, is generated by a shift energy.

All changes are. As all things in this universe are made up of energy, a shift in any plane, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, equates to shift or a transformation of energy.

The throat chakra is the energetic center of your body responsible for clear communication, speaking and hearing, and it is centered in the physical body parts of neck, throat, and lower frontal cranium, otherwise known as your sinus system. Changes in physical systems centered and located in these areas, are linked energetically and represent changes in the governing energetic system, the throat chakra.

If you feel like your ears are stuffed with cotton, your nose is difficult to breathe through, and your head completely foggy as a result, it’s time to look to your throat chakra for a clue, and also, for healing.

Physical stagnation of fluids is energetic stagnation of flow.

Linking the Throat Chakra and Sinus Congestion - Identify what's going on and how you can heal it

What stops the energy from flowing through your throat chakra?

Most commonly, it’s an stagnation of the spiritual and emotional function of the throat chakra – a halt or plug into your clear communication.

The throat chakra governs all areas of pure and clear communication, from your ability to speak honestly and truthfully to others, to genuinely hear what others have to say from a honest place, including others in your life preventing you, for whatever reason, for doing either of these things.

To get to the bottom of your throat chakra stagnation, you must first ask yourself,

Where am I hampered in the area of communication?

Am I keeping quiet on an issue that is important to me?

Am I hiding a major part of myself to others, by not sharing my true self?

Do I prevent others from coming to me honestly, by blocking their communication attempts?

Am I speaking aloud what I really think or feel, or just saying, “um-hmm” instead?

Is someone else trying prevent me from speaking up or hearing the truth?

Am I open to my clairaudient abilities, or am I shutting them out?

The throat chakra governs clear communication on all levels, and that includes communication with others in the physical plane, and those in the spiritual plane as well. Clairaudience is the ability to hear intuitively, to hear what those in Spirit have to say. And if you  have this ability, which many people do, accepting it and acknowledging it, is just as important to healing your throat chakra as is speaking up about something that bothers you on the physical earth.

How can you tell if you’re naturally clairaudient?

Generally, there’s one major indicator. You often talk to yourself, and have conversations with yourself in your head, often mouthing the words aloud and gesticulating to yourself.


It’s likely you’re not talking to yourself at all, you’re talking to your Guides, Loved Ones, and Angels in Spirit . . . internally, with your own Spirit.

Often times, simply acknowledging this ability is enough to clear the blockage and open up an energy flow once again.

If your issue is something other than clairaudience, what can you do to fix it?

In most cases, it only takes acknowledgement and remedy of the issue at hand.

If you aren’t speaking up about your spouse’s irritating behavior, speak up.

If you are preventing yourself from hearing or accepting an opinion that differs from your own, allow yourself to hear it openly.

If you’re hiding something about yourself to others, for example, your intuitive interests and gifts, start sharing it.

If you’re just learning about your clairaudient abilities, learn more and accept it.

And if you already know about your clairaudient abilities, but you’re shutting your Guides and Loved Ones out for whatever reason – let them back in!  

Once you’ve remedied the situation causing the block, you will experience a cleared throat chakra, opening your clairaudient abilities and your ability to speak clearly and truthfully.

With love on your journey,

LAST UPDATED: September 5, 2014