Making Amends with Essential Oils

Coming around to Young Living Essential Oils - through shamanism, herbal healing, and success with PanAway essential oil! 

Sarah Petruno, Shamana

I have a confession to make. 

I used to hate on Essential Oils.

Particularly, I hated on essential oils made and sold through multi-level marketing (MLM) programs like Young Living and DoTerra. 

Repulsed by MLM companies, I had come to feel it was a pushy, slime-y, and sleazy way of doing business. I'd been discouraged against joining either company because of their sales-y nature. I'm not even completely sure why I hated on them outside of self-righteousness, ego, and judgment. 

Everyone has to make a living, right? And why not do it selling something that you love?

I get that some people felt pressured or that some sales people could be pushy, and I wonder if there's a bit of a double standard when it comes to being asked to buy something by a big box company via marketing emails, vs being asked to buy something by a friend or family member. It makes it harder to say no and it feels more personal. 

Over time, I started softening to this approach of sales. As a business owner who now relies on clients and customers to put food on the table, I don't see it that way anymore. 

And over the years, as I got deeper and deeper into not only spiritual and shamanic healing, but discovering and using all different kinds of holistic and alternative healing methods, I felt more and more like I needed to give essential oils another chance. 

We're big users of herbs and plant medicine in our home. After all, the other half of this operation is a herbalist. But, we hadn't yet fully explored essential oils. 

Essential oils, in our home, had largely been used more for aromatherapy and less for overall health and wellness. 

We diffused them to help our children sleep and added them to bath and body products. 

But, the shaman AND the scientist in me wondered if essential oils could actually work for real things. I wondered if essential oils could play real roles in healing illness, despite the FDA censorship that makes it hard for anyone to provide evidence of non-drugs enacting real change. I was and am aware of the controversies surrounding essential oils and MLM essential oils, but something in me STILL. NEEDED. TO. KNOW. 

I wondered if I could test essentials oils in treating a physical illness and see tangible results. 

Basically, I wanted to do an experiment using Young Living or DoTerra essential oils, with a real person, but a situation for that hadn't presented itself. And because I didn't have a "reason," I put the brakes on purchasing the whole Starter Kit and diving in. 

Fast forward a bit and my husband, Tom, got Lyme Disease.


As we researched Lyme and how it's treated, we slowly discovered that antibiotics are not all that effective in treating it and that people can go years upon years with antibiotic treatment not working, and while Lyme symptoms worsen. 

Then, we stumbled upon several Lyme treatment plans that had been used with success, based around. . . you guessed it!

Essential oils. 

Essential oils and supplements from MLM companies like DoTerra and YoungLiving have been used successfully to treat Lyme. 

Here was my experiment, whether I liked it or not.

I came full circle from hating MLM companies, to really respecting them and looking to their products to help support the body and immune system through the treatment of Lyme. 

Using my intuition and a few Lyme protocols as a guide, we developed a whole body treatment plan focused on supporting the body's immune and detox systems, using a variety of herbs, supplements, and essential oil singles and blends from Young Living. (Don't worry, a blog on that will emerge once it's done!). 

I joined Young Living as an independent distributor to receive the discount on everything that I wanted to purchase - 24% off retail with no pressure to sell to anyone. 

As part of signing up, I ordered their Premium Starter Kit, mostly because it had many of the oils on my list for a CHEAPER total cost and with more oils than if I had purchased everything individually. 

Young Living Premium Starter Kit 

In the kit were two oils that I probably would not have ordered on my own: PanAway and Copaiba Vitality. 

PanAway is a blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint essential oils and it's suggested to be applied topically as a dilution after exercise for soothing the muscles. Copaiba Vitality can be taken internally and is suggested to be used as an overall promoter of whole body wellness, as well as enhancing the benefits of other oils. Copaiba has adaptogenic properties, and as defined by my husband, the herbalist, adaptogens are

"Herbs that promote and support a nonspecific response to stress. They are wonderful tonics that work to keep the body processing and functioning the way it was originally intended. They have normalizing effects, especially when dealing with some of the most important systems in our body, the immune and nervous system. By normalizing, I mean that they will bring the system back to a state of homeostasis - for example, they will relax the system, if it is hyperactive or jump start it, if it is sluggish. Adaptogens, as a class of herbs and plants, are known to have little to no side effects with usage."

So, when he came down with excruciating shoulder pain (soreness from a hike) shortly after the oils arrived, I decided it was time to take them for a test drive! 

We added a few drops of PanAway to coconut oil and rubbed it all over his shoulder

Relief came within minutes. 

I shared about this on Instagram, and Jaime, my Young Living Sponser and TSLer, suggested that we added a few drops of Copaiba Vitality under the tongue and see if it helped. 


We applied more diluted PanAway at night, and drastic reduction in pain happened by the end of the day, with near full recovery the next morning. 


He and I both were admittedly shocked by the outcome. Neither of us expected us a drastic and sudden result from essential oils. 

I'm converted. 

This journey is still a new one to me. As I learn more about the oils and start learning ways to integrate them into our life, I'll share about them and incorporate them in future blog posts, resources, and offerings. And if you'd like to  learn more about joining and getting that oil discount, click here



Last Updated: November 20, 2016

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