Manifesting Abundance and Feeling Anxious? Here’s What You Need to Do

Imagine that you’re a 5-year-old that loves playing with blocks.

You love blocks SO much that you decide you’re going to start a block collection.

You’re going to manifest yourself some block abundance.

The first thing you do, naturally, is go around yourself and start collecting and amassing all the blocks that you already have.

Then, you beg and convince your parents to get you more blocks.

You collect all the blocks that you have now and have recently gotten, and you surround yourself in a circle of blocks. Huge stacks of blocks lay all around you.

You’re in block heaven.

Now, imagine that you’re an adult instead and you’re surrounded in piles of stuff.

You may feel happy, but you may also feel a little cramped, crowded and anxious. You might be more irritable about the MESS than you are happy about the piles of abundant blocks around you.

This 5-year-old was manifesting abundance in the way he wanted to feel abundant – tons of blocks.

If you’ve been working on manifesting abundance in the way you want to feel abundant, it might be surrounding you already. And instead of seeing it come in, you feel the anxiety of being crowded. You may also feel irritable and worried – after all, you can feel the abundance, but you can’t see it yet.

When you’re manifesting abundance, in any form, and it starts to come to you, it comes first as energy within your energetic field.

I’ll skip the lesson on energy fields here, only to say that we all have an energy field, and everything else is made of energy.

So, when you start asking the universe to send you abundance, the universe sends it as energy first (because all things are energy first). Only after it exists as energy, does it start to pop into your life in physical, tangible ways.

What’s happening here, in the days and moments before you receive your pile of money, your new house, or your brand new car, is that the energy of those things are coming close to you and amassing in your energy field.

You can feel them before you can see them.

All the things you’ve asked for start to crowd in, and you start to feel it.

It feels like anxiety, irritability, and worry. You start worrying about what if it doesn’t come, or what if it doesn’t work out, or what if it’s not going to happen. This is because you can feel everything happening, but you can’t see it happening yet – creating a fleeting type feeling, like it’s slipping out of grasp.

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Now is when you need to stop yourself before you push all that abundance energy away with worry and fear energy.

You need to release the anxiety and continue on your manifestation train.

Here’s how.

First, close your eyes.

Imagine yourself surrounded in a golden yellow ball of light, and in that ball of light, floats every, single thing that you’ve asked for.

You see a house.

You see a car.

You see a pile of cash.

You see groceries.

You see a garden.

You see a jacuzzi tub.

You see new furniture.

Anything you’ve asked for, imagine seeing it floating in the ball of light that surrounds you.

Now, breathe in. As you breathe in, image that light and all the things floating in entering through your mouth, down into your chest, and coming to rest in your heart center.

Deep breath out. Imagine your worry, irritability, and anxiety leaving you through fine wisps of grey smoke.

Breathe in again, still imagining yourself breathing in, absorbing, and integrating into your being all the things you’ve asked for.

Continue to inhale abundance, and exhale worry until you’ve accepted into your soul every. single. last. thing that floats in your abundant energy field.

That’s it!

During periods of intense manifestation, you may find yourself getting anxious or amped up 3-4 times a day. Whenever you do, be mindful to breathe in the abundance coming to you, and breathe out the anxiety.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: September 11, 2015