Meet and Connect with Your Spirit Guides

NEW meditation series for meeting, connecting, and becoming a divine channel for receiving information from your spirit guides. 

Have you ever wanted to meet a spirit guide, and then actually form a relationship with them? 

Do you know who your spirit guide is, but not how to go about receiving information from them? 

Are you ready to start seriously connecting with your guides and developing a relationship with them? 

The Spirit Guide Meditation Series is now available and is designed to help you meet your guides, and then become a divine channel for receiving information from them.

There are two meditations in the series:

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Takes you on a journey to meet one of your spirit guides. You choose which guide to meet - protector, gatekeeper, animal guide, fairy, etc. OR the guide who most wants to work with you now. The meditation helps you learn their name, appearance, and what they wish to assist you with now. 

Connect with Your Spirit Guide

For connecting with your spirit guides to develop a deeper relationship from which you can receive support and guidance. In this meditation, you are taken to a shared space in the etheric realms where you become a channel to speak to, connect with, and receive guidance from your spirit guides, deepening your connection and strengthening your relationship. 

The meditations are available to purchase both individually and as a package. 

We all have at least one spirit guide ready and waiting to work with us now. 

Your spirit guide can help you with:

  • Developing your gifts
  • Finding solutions to daily problems
  • Overcoming challenges and stuck places
  • Knowing what you need to heal now 
  • Assisting you with healing yourself 
  • and so much more! 

As you build a relationship with your guides in a meditative state, it becomes easier to connect with them on a regular basis, like when you're at the grocery store and have a spontaneous question. 

Meet your guides, connect with them, and build a relationship. 

To learn more about the meditation series and to start your relationship, click here




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