Meth & Hallucinogens: Feeling Paranoid? Here’s Why.

Before I was a shaman, I worked in a neuroscience research lab studying the physical visual system.

Most of my job involved training and coaching rats to play a variety of video games using rewards, through which we could learn more about how they visually perceived their environment.

The visual systems across mammals, including humans, are often somewhat similar. Given this context of knowledge, we could then use rats as models to learn more about the human visual system.

In one experiment, we gave the rats a hallucinogenic compound to temporarily deactivate their primary visual cortex (the primary sight mechanism in the brain), in an attempt to understand more deeply what aspects of vision this part of the brain is involved in.

For a short time, we used hallucinogens (namely, an active compound in ‘shrooms) to disable the visual receptors in the most conscious part of the brain, the cortex.

The rats in our test became consciously blind using a hallucinogen. But not unconsciously – more on this in a minute.

Hallucinogenics Create The Experience of Perceived Change in Your Environment

Hallucinogenics are a funny thing. They are said to make the more subconscious areas of the brain more active, while deactivating more conscious parts of the brain.

This is generally why people use them – to step outside of their own conscious environment for a short time and delve into a different, perceivably ‘better’ world, typically unavailable to their experience without the hallucinogenic drugs.

This hallucinogenic world can be filled with an immediate change in your understanding of yourself and the world around you. This can be great in many ways, but, this unstable, temporary world can get very dark, very quickly. What was once fun and exciting, can become terrifying. The unconscious mind can take over and your new, sudden access to other environments can cultivate fear.

If you’ve ever taken a hallucinogen, you already know this. There are moments of extreme clarity, where it seems as though you’ve unlocked secrets of the universe. There are also moments of extreme paranoia and the feeling like you’re being followed.

Meth and Hallucinogens

Meth, while not technically classified as a hallucinogen, often does cause hallucinations.

When the chemicals and constituents in meth combine and react during the process of producing the drug, sometimes, they can react in such a way that the hallucinogenic effects of individual substances not previously present, or only present in high dosages, are now amplified and active.

Cough syrup, an active ingredient in meth, in large dosages, can be hallucinogenic in and of itself.

If a mammal studied because of its known similarity to human function – rats – can temporarily lose access to core, conscious sensory systems when they are given hallucinogens, this can happen to humans, too.

It can happen to you.

When we lose control over our more conscious sensory systems, like vision and touch, we have another sensory system that steps forward more clearly and without restriction.

Meth & Hallucinogens: Feeling Paranoid? Here's Why. 

Your Intuitive Sensory System Kicks Into High Gear on Hallucinogens

The intuitive sensory system is something we all are born with and it’s the system with which our spiritual, intuitive gifts operate.

The subconscious senses in the intuitive system are:

The ability for clairvoyance (clear seeing) – this ability of spiritual sight allows you to see those that exist in Spirit.

The ability for clairsentience (clear feeling) – this allows you to feel more intensely the energy and emotions of others, including those in Spirit.

The ability for clairaudience (clear hearing) – this allows you to hear the voice of Spirit.

The ability for claircognizance (clear knowing) – this allows you to know things you might not otherwise know, generally the information comes from Spirit.

When your conscious sensory system is largely unavailable and/or inoperable, which is what happens when you take meth and hallucinogens, your intuitive sensory system takes over and becomes far more active than would normally occur.

When your intuitive sensory system has shifted into operation while on hallucinogenic drugs, this can create both positive and negative situations.

The positive: You can have intense moments of understanding of yourself, your life, and the universe. You can feel connected and in oneness with the universe and everyone around you. You can feel like nothing else matters but the here and now.

The negative:  Your ability to sense, feel, and hear everything Spirit and emotions becomes intensely amplified. Beyond the level that would considered safe for even professional intuitives, mediums and shamans. This is the reason why ayahuasca, also a hallucinogen, is considered only safe for use in the presence of trained professionals.

It’s just not safe to venture into full Spirit mode, with no access to your conscious mind, for a period of 4-24 hours.

And here’s why.

Meth & Hallucinogens: Feeling Paranoid? Here's Why. 

What Happens When You Take Hallucinogens  . . . Spiritually

When you jump head first into a large chunk of time in which you are largely driven by your spiritual senses, your experience is governed largely by the type of energy you are exposing yourself to and the energy you are personally generating.

If you are deceased, and crossed over into the Light (which you aren’t) this is FINE because you are only ever exposed to and immersed in pure, loving Divine Light.

But, you’re not dead.

You are navigating a world in which your own mood can suddenly change from great to terrible, OR, you can be around someone else whose mood changes from great to terrible.

Much of the time, when you take hallucinogens, you’re with people. Sometimes, quite a lot of people and people, are largely unpredictable concerning their moods, emotions and the types of energy they carry.

When you are on hallucinogenic drugs, you have now suddenly become a completely untrained, unprotected Spirit and energy sensitive, with no control over your experiences.


All it takes is ONE PERSON’S mood to change from happy to angry, even your own, and you can immediately become immersed in angry, low energy.

Once that happens, guess what?

You will now attract low energy, darker Spirits.

You will be able to see them. You will feel like you’re being followed by them, because you probably are. When Spirits know you can see them, they want to have your attention – because almost no one can see Spirits.

And when they see a human who can, they all want to communicate – badly.

If you feel paranoid because you feel like you’re being followed, it’s because you are being followed.

Meth & Hallucinogens: Feeling Paranoid? Here's Why. 

Most of the time, it’s not because you are being followed by a living person – often the person who is following you is a dead person. Very likely, a dead person who also did drugs while they were alive and is attracted to you for that reason – they want to take part in the experience with you. Without a physical body to experience the high, they want to live vicariously through you. This is not a good thing.

The Spirits who will follow you when you’re on a trip gone bad or a meth high gone paranoid tend to be low energy, darker spirits. These include earthbound spirits and shadow spirits. As it happens, it’s more common to see these darker spirits under the influence of methamphetamine. This has to do with the state of mind with which more users start their experience while high on meth versus hallucinogens.

With meth, users will often start a high feeling guilty, sad, or unhappy – setting the stage for the upcoming change in conscious perception. With hallucinogens, users tend to start the trip feeling happy, excited, and hopeful, which also sets a stage. Low energy emotions and energy tend to attract darker spirits from the get-go.

When you take meth and hallucinogens, your conscious sensory systems become dampened, and your spiritual and intuitive systems become heightened.

Even if you didn’t see or hear things before taking drugs in the physical world, you can now.

Because you now have access to the inner workings of the Spirit World.

You Can Access the Spirit World in a Safe Way

You can have access to these abilities without the use of any drug at all. You can learn to use them for your own benefit, control them, and manage them in a helpful and empowering way, without turning off and dampening your conscious sensory systems.

It can be done safely, all without drugs. The same moments of clarity, the same insights, and the same revelations can all be had without hallucinogens and meth.

When you step into your spiritual and intuitive senses, in a trained and conscious way, and step away from meth and hallucinogens, you can experience only the good, if you want.

No more following, no more paranoia. All the lower energy, dark Spirits will no longer find you interesting and will not want to follow you – because you aren’t getting into dark energy states on accident anymore – you are consciously choosing the energy you want to connect with.

Meth is a stimulant that can also become a hallucinogen. Because of this, the intensity of these experiences and associated paranoia tends to be more so with meth than with other hallucinogens alone.

If you take or have taken these drugs, and have ever felt paranoid, it is highly likely this wasn’t without reason. The individuals you felt were following and watching you were probably Spirits that you could see and hear more readily since your conscious physical sensory abilities were suppressed.

Your intuitive senses take the reigns under the influence of many types of drugs, and without training or proper practice, it can be dangerous and scary for just about anyone.

Each experience has value and contains a lesson.

If you use meth or hallucinogens, and you stumbled on this article, perhaps it is a lesson.

You can see Spirits on drugs, and you can see them off drugs, too.

It’s always your choice, how, when, and in what circumstances. You will always have more control when you yourself are in more conscious control.

* I do not recommend or endorse the use of drugs to gain access to spiritual planes of experience.

LAST UPDATED: February 28, 2015

Meth & Hallucinogens: Feeling Paranoid? Here's Why.